Upcoming Projects

Last update: 12/6/09

Many deadlines have been pushed back to 2010 for many reasons that will be uninteresting to you.  But don’t trip, it just means more time for me to grind hard and more goodies to begin the NEW DECADE WITH!!! BUCK YEA!!

Dropping in January 2010:

+ The first ever release of my poems in my very first chapbook!  These will be available on my website DECEMBER 8th for pay-what-you-want…or don’t want 😉  January 5th!

+ Solo exhibition at UC Los Angeles gallery January 11-January 15th.  My first solo show conceived and curated by someone OTHER than me! Holla. It is also the Cultural Affairs Commission’s FIRST permanent art collection bought and my FIRST permanent art collection sold to an establishment. Double holla.

+ Flash Website updated with some new additions for the new year. More photos, more paintings to the gallery, Paypal and more!  Drop date: January 5th

+ I just released my new REFUGEE STATE OF MIND T-shirt. Click HERE To find out how you can cop yours.

+ Free stickers

+ Sweet surprises.  Stay posted.

For questions, holla at info@RIOTINTHESKY.com


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