A Yasumasa Yonehara (YONE) Original!!


This is my homie Square.  He’s one of the illest artists around.   And I mean that with absolutely no homie bias. NONE!! He’s one of Boston’s best–ASK SOMEBODY!

Anyways, in this photo we were chilling at some Puma x DJ Hero shindig last night (DJ Hero puts me to sleep).  The photo is taken by world renowned Japanese photographer, Yasumasa Yonehara a.k.a. YONE!  He’s in town from Tokyo for his art show this Friday (Ask somebody!). YONE takes super sexy photos of hot girls.  His philosophy is MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.  Literally.  Before you judge the raunchiness, take a moment to think about Japan’s terribly suppressed sex culture (they got blow up sex doll shops, pay-by-the-hour…..).  What does the term “American/Imperialist Aggression” mean in the context of war?  When someone becomes “sexually frustrated”, what happens? They BLOW UP!  All puns intended, yadidameeeean!  I’m still processing my feelings on it.  Judge for yourself: Yasumasa Yonehara

The photo above was taken with the camera below. FUJI INSTAX!  CALLING ALL SANTAS, hollaaaa:



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Death is My Motivation

Over the weekend, I was a guest speaker for the Asian American Resource Workshop’s (AARW) panel about youth organizing, community activism and efforts in social change (Yes, you see a lot of my paintings and poems but sometimes the most important work goes unseen–which is the case for many of my community organizer homies).  Anyways, I talked about my involvement as a youth organizer in high school and political education being a catalyst for my journey to the west coast, reaping up bundles of knowledge in ethnic studies, racial theories, community building, grassroots organizing and all that good stuff.  They asked me the following question, to which I was stumped.  I stumbled in the moment and gave a shitty, unfulfilled answer.  I said something cliche like the red or blue pill in the Matrix. Lame. Now, I wish to redeem myself and say what I really meant to say:

Question: What is your motivation for continuing activism and pushing for social change?

My motivation is knowing that I will die. The way everybody will die, unless they create a pill for immortality.  I don’t know when I’ll die, which is why time can’t be wasted.  I ask myself, “If you only have ONE life to live, what do you want to do with it?” 50 cent says Get Rich or Die Tryin’, it sends the message that the ultimate goal in life is to become filthy rich, but how fulfilling is that?  You can’t take all the money, cars, clothes and expensive shit you bought with you when you die.  I think about how fucked up the world can be these days–madd corruption, poverty, bank conspiracies, institutionalized racism and the list goes on.  It really makes me sad.  Even after I die, my kids and their kids will still have to live in this world.  So if I had one life to live, it would be to do everything I can to leave this world a better place than when I first entered.   I want my kids and their kids and other kids to live in a better world than what I lived in.  Whether it is through creating art to inspire new generations, publishing research on social theories, implementing just policies within institutions or more, I want to live a purposeful life and make a lasting impact on the world.  It is definitely a more difficult route, to accept the burden of social responsibility.  But after a consciousness is cracked open, it’s hard to be happy with just material things anymore.  It doesn’t even matter if no one remembers me.  There are a lot of social justice fighters throughout history whose names we will never know–martyrs like Malcolm or Martin are great figures, but they didn’t do it all on their own.  Remembrance or not, the world will never be the same.

For more information about AARW and how to get involved, click the image below:

AARW Mission

The mission of the Asian American Resource Workshop is to work for the empowerment of the Asian Pacific American community to achieve its full participation in U.S. society.

We are a member-based organization that seeks to document the diverse Asian Pacific American histories, experiences, and social conditions. Our resources and activities are used to respond to current Asian Pacific American issues and to promote Asian Pacific American identity.


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Bargain Books for my Readership Hit List

I went to the Harvard Bookstore’s bi-annual warehouse sale this weekend.  HELLA cheap ass books for a buck and up!  I love books.  It’s like cracking open a treasure chest of knowledge.  Become RICH through reading.  Knowledge is power y’all, and the key to mental, spiritual and physical liberation.  YEEEEAA.  Check out these titles I copped:

Always on a mission to expand my consciousness and understand our universe.

I want to know how to make the magic happen.

I can’t believe someone beat me to putting two of my favorite things together: dinosaurs AND poems? Word.

This is Maurice Sendak’s first pop-up book.  I collect pop-up books!  They are the shit.  Paper mechanics are geniuses.

Honestly, these pop-ups look way better in real life.

Another pop-up book.  This one had cool tab pullies and secret flaps. Damn.

I wish I could fly like these birds.  But I still stay fly like these birds. Haaaa! 😉

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I just compiled my recent paintings into one place

Alright y’all. It’s the Sunday Buzz.  But sometimes some people don’t feel like reading.  Kind of like the way some people don’t feel like writing (ahem).  So I just spent the last 2 hours setting up a NEW PAGE tab called, “Living Stroke RECAP”.  Since I try to post pretty frequently and some folks may not check in frequently enough, they miss out on some bomb ass bloggyblog posts by yours truly–especially the ones that feature recent artwork.  So in celebration of the end of a decade (and the beginning of a new one), I compiled all my artwork from Summer 2009 to now into one page.  I was on some serious grind this season y’all!! And the fun just don’t stop.  Check the new page tab above.  Enjoy.

Oh yea, here is a painting I completed this summer but never officially unveiled.  Say hello to my buddy Swizzy:

Portrait of HOT SWAT | Spray paint on Canvas

P.S. I’ll be working on archiving all these paintings on my official flashy flash website with the rest of my artwork. Home base, baby. Holla.

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I told myself I wouldn’t post about Tiger Woods,

That I wouldn’t join the thousands of ruthless indulgers in sex-crazed America to throw in their two cents about Tiger Woods’ private affairs.   I’m in no position to dissect Tigers’ marriage issues, but at the very least, I can say sumthin’ about the wild reactions that have since ensued.

Everybody wants a piece of Tiger.  Whether what Tiger did was right or wrong, Tiger Woods is known for being an amazing GOLFER, not an amazing husband.  I’m in no way condoning or excusing him, I’m just saying, you can be the best golfer in the world and still be a dirtbag.  There’s no stated correlation between athletic ability and marital morals.  Even though I believe what he did is fucked up, I still believe in the right to privacy.

Tiger Woods getting caught cheating affected people in 3 different ways:

1) He lost fans.
2) He gained fans.
3) Did not matter.

Some (heterosexual) women are thinking, “Ugh. MEN. Typical.” Another reason why we can’t trust them.  Even nice guys are dogs.

Some women are thinking, “Damn, Tiger. Can I holla?”

Some (heterosexual) men are thinking, “Damn, Tiger ruined it for the male species.  He just made it harder for the rest of us to get with women (such as  the ones quoted above).”

Some  guys are thinking, “Damn, Tiger. Elin is HOT! You idiot.”

Amidst all the reactions, there is one common factor: DISAPPOINTMENT.  For me, the most disappointing thing about the disappointment expressed is hearing about how many men are NOT disappointed in the fact that Tiger CHEATED, they are disappointed in the fact that Tiger GOT CAUGHT.

“Tiger got CAUGHT.  And THAT’s where he fucked up.”


This implies that it is acceptable for men to cheat on their wives as long as they don’t get caught.  I’m not judging polygamy.  If people want to have multiple partners, they should join a polygamous society and/or NOT get married.    But in the context of American society, a sexist culture promotes the narrow view of manhood as being misogynist, macho and dominant.  We raise boys to believe that being men means it’s acceptable to devalue women.  Preserving the male ego means exerting dominance over women.  Many men would argue that this is inherent and part of biology.  I won’t go into arguing the entire sociological standpoint of how people are conditioned to play out gender roles, but I think we could agree that babies are innocent.  Everybody is born into this world with a clean slate of mannerisms and behavioral habits.  Those things are taught and learned, not inherent.  SpikeTV is an example of the macho teacher.  As a woman in this society, I think men forget how their words and actions can make a women feel devalued, disposable and disrespected.  Some men think women like it.  Maybe some women “do”.  Or maybe that is also part of the female gender role conditioning to accept objectification because that understanding is correlated with male dominance and desirability.  Like many things, it’s a vicious cycle.  But if the root of our problems are socially constructed, then we can most definitely do some social reconstructioning. Holla.


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First Vietnamese American Woman on Federal Bench

Good news! Jacqueline Nguyen:
1) We reppin’ the same last name of the greatest Dynasty to ever reign.
2) Nominated by (first black President) BARACK OBAMA!
3) Went to my alma mater, UCLA!!


Senate Confirms Nation’s First Vietnamese American Woman to Serve on the Federal Bench

This is tight.  Jacqueline Nguyen is the first Vietnamese American Woman to serve on the Federal Bench.  She was born in South Vietnam (1965) and moved to the U.S. when she was 10 years old after the Vietnam War.  She went from war refugee to U.S. Federal Bench–all in one lifetime!!  Damn, extraordinary people like her give folks no excuse to not hustle for a dream.  She got that Refugee State of Mind.  Many privileged (& spoiled) Americans inherit a legacy of advantages.  She inherited nothing.  And what she accomplished by climbing the ranks of American society in less than a lifetime is a testament to the possibilities of hard work, determination and perseverance.  The value and hustle of immigrant and refugee communities are too often undermined in this country.  Oftentimes language and cultural barriers hinder such communities from fully having a voice to defend and represent themselves.  Mainstream society casts immigrants and refugees as perpetual foreigners, second class citizens and a waste of space.  But damn, haters bedda watch out!!  Wanted or not, we are most definitely a rising class.  And I don’t mean that in a “Let’s take over everything!!” kind of way.  But rather, let’s transform this country and shift the paradigm kind of way.  For a bedda day. And days.  First class all day everyday please and thank you!!

Speaking of Vietnamese people, my parents had a huge dinner party last night with some OG Vietnamese homies.  (There was lobster! I was having a fucking blast with them claws.). My dad’s long lost brother showed up for the first time in YEARS and now has a wife and two kids (long story, another blog post).  All the OG’s kept telling me I need to step up my game and be MARRIED by 25!!  I told them that fellas need to step up THEIR game. HELLO. They kept asking me, “How come you don’t have a boyfriend yet?”

I told them,

“Two words: TIGER. WOODS.”

or as the people like to say, CHEETAH WOODS. haaaa!


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Sexy Light Shows

Check out these sexy light shows I recorded for y’all while I was in New York City.  They hella put me in the holiday groove!!  And a smitten mooood, yadidamean!!

(Above) Please ignore the annoying background voices.  I don’t know them.

I recommend having some background music off your iTunes because this video does not come with music.

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