Living Stroke RECAP

2009 is winding down as we gear up for the beginning of a NEW DECADE!! Dang, am I really counting my life in decades now?  In case you missed a bloggyblog post, here is a recap of my artwork from Summer 2009 to now. I was on some serious grind this season y’all!! And it’s only going to get bedda.  I’m keeping this visual compilation short and sweet.  If you’d like to read more about each piece, click on “The Living Stroke” link on the sidebar to pull up all the blog posts that feature my artwork.  Enjoy.

Painting with Problak

T-REX | Spray paint on canvas

Javon Loves Basquiat | Acrylic on canvas

Congratulations Demar Derozan | Acrylic & Spray paint on canvas

Where The Wild Things Are Remixed | Spray paint on wall

So Fly in Our Pimp Ship | Spray paint on wall

Michael Jackson Tribute | Spray paint on canvas | Collaboration with SWAT

Portrait of HOT SWAT | Spray paint on canvas

RSM Guerilla Sketch

Playing around with colors before stepping to the wall.

T-shirt design: Front

T-shirt design: Back

T-shirt Tag Statement

Figure 8’s & Elephants | Acrylic on Canvas

YES, there is more where that came from.  Check out my flash website for more paintings, more videos and more more. And the fun don’t stop:


2 responses to “Living Stroke RECAP

  1. rachel a

    i love it!

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