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new artwork on rotation in the bloggyblog before it is posted on my official website:

I just compiled my recent paintings into one place

Alright y’all. It’s the Sunday Buzz.  But sometimes some people don’t feel like reading.  Kind of like the way some people don’t feel like writing (ahem).  So I just spent the last 2 hours setting up a NEW PAGE tab called, “Living Stroke RECAP”.  Since I try to post pretty frequently and some folks may not check in frequently enough, they miss out on some bomb ass bloggyblog posts by yours truly–especially the ones that feature recent artwork.  So in celebration of the end of a decade (and the beginning of a new one), I compiled all my artwork from Summer 2009 to now into one page.  I was on some serious grind this season y’all!! And the fun just don’t stop.  Check the new page tab above.  Enjoy.

Oh yea, here is a painting I completed this summer but never officially unveiled.  Say hello to my buddy Swizzy:

Portrait of HOT SWAT | Spray paint on Canvas

P.S. I’ll be working on archiving all these paintings on my official flashy flash website with the rest of my artwork. Home base, baby. Holla.


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Spanking New Painting: Figure 8’s & Elephants

I’m excited to unveil a new, never before seen painting. This is also the last painting I’ll be releasing for 2009.  Enjoy!

Figure 8’s & Elephants
a.k.a. Balance & Babar

Acrylic on Canvas | 36 x 36 inches | Summer 2009
(Click for enlarged image)

Synopsis: This piece was inspired by many things, but mostly the pursuit of balance and my love for elephants. In a technical sense, I wanted to challenge myself to practice the principle of patience by creating a piece that required precision and meticulous design.  Patience is one of my greatest weaknesses–thus, through painting and the creative process I strive to improve my overall virtues.  While the overall design is tight, I stayed loose with the brushwork.

The pursuit of balance and my love for elephants both fall under the umbrella of Buddhism.  While I have many goals in life, my ultimate goal is to achieve balance.  I strive for balance in my life everyday.  Balance is a constant battle for me because I’m always trying to do everything at once.  Trying to achieve balance between my painting and my writing, production and promotion, family and friends, work and pleasure, activism and art, scholastic research and creative explorations, everything.   One of my greatest realizations in the pursuit of balance is understanding that balance can be achieved in the long term–not everything needs to be immediate.  Sometimes, I get so caught up in the present moment by doing everything at the same time, that I fall completely out of balance.  I’ve realized that you don’t have to prove yourself all at once.  I have the rest of my life to do all the things I want to do, and with time and patience, I can do them all to ultimately live a life of balance.

Elephants are fucking awesome for many reasons.  They are highly revered creatures in Southeast Asian culture and Buddhism (holla).  They are communal animals who ride and die together, not like the individualistic culture capitalist America cultivates.  I’ve always been intrigued by elephants because they are gargantuan as shit!  They can crush your puny existence.  But they don’t, because they are very peaceful animals.  Even in their colossal mass, elephants can walk as light as a feather, while still moving the earth with every step.  And that’s exactly what I want to do.  I want to move the world.  With peace, not with force.  I love elephants.  And that’s why I got a tattoo of one.


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Jose James: Park Bench People

Big ups to the homie, CHUCK, for putting me on!!

This reminds me of a painting I did back in 2005, called “Park People” of a homie sitting on the Park Bench! WHAAAAA! Yes yes y’all.

For more paintings and artwork, visit my flashy flash website:


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New Sunday Buzz & Solo Exhibition @ UCLA

Oooooooooo it’s been an exciting week since my last Sunday Confessional…which will now be called Sunday Buzz, because Confession has such a nefarious connotation, and like a wise graffiti buddy once said, “YOU NEVER WANT TO INCRIMINATE YOURSELF!”

Plus, Buzz is better because I’ll be yapping about all things good with me. YEEEEEEEA.

I’ve been scrubbing toilets and evacuating the dust bunnies all day in preparation for my Auntie’s arrival tonight from Vietnam!! Yup, this will be the first relative from the motherland to visit the U.S.A. since my pops fled the country 30 years ago after the Fall of Saigon.  Inspired by my Auntie’s visit and my parents’ Refugee State of Mind, I will be dedicating two blog posts this week on my family’s history.

I’m letting you know what kinda posts to expect before they even go up!


Monday: The Refugee Romeo & Juliet Story
Read about the tragic and fated events that led to me being born.

Tuesday: When Globalization Gets Personal
This shit ain’t all fun and gravy when the theoretical becomes real.  Half of my family is Vietnam ballin’.  The other half is getting robbed, and plain fucked by global politics. Get an inside perspective on my family’s story as the epitome of globalization.

Wednesday: Figure 8s & Elephants
I’ll be unveiling a never before seen painting (from Summer 2009)!! Inspired by the balance I’m perpetually striving for in my life and Babar.  I’m excited for this one.

Thursday: L.A. Throwback

The importance of friendship & mentorship.

Friday: Damn, I really don’t know yet.  TBD

DISCLAIMER: All of this is subject to change or be rearranged at anytime! But I WILL get them all to you.


I’m heeeella excited to announce that the UC Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission (CAC) is doing an entire solo exhibition on my artwork!  So if you’re in the Los Angeles area, def check it out.  This is my first solo show conceived & curated by someone OTHER THAN MYSELF (say haaay!).  It is also CAC’s FIRST permanent art collection, which is exciting for all of us.   This is one of the reasons why I love creating visual artwork; it is a product that can be transported and shared in real life with real people anywhere in the world no matter where I AM in the world.  It is most definitely a part of the dream.  Thank you to Joanne Danganan and Margarita Rozenbaoum for making this really happen. (I didn’t get to come up with the exhibit title but that’s okay).

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Proud to present the first t-shirt off the RIOT IN THE SKY grind.  Conceived and designed by yours truly.



*FYI, “” is hanging verticle on the far right of the shirt’s back in small font.

T-Shirt Tag Statement:

This t-shirt was inspired by a lot of things: my parents, my people’s history, American society, war, fucked up capitalist politics, invisible bodies, the hustling class, the everyday to everyday, floods, visionaries, galaxies and Jay-Z.

I hope to shed light on the history of the Refugee in America and globally, while connecting all people by universal concepts of life, hustle and love.  Look out for a future blog series, RSM Today & Back in the Day (or a better title TBD)   to profile extraordinary individuals who got that Refugee State of Mind.

I am currently working on setting up a PayPal account to be accessed from my official website.  This should be available by December 1st or sooner.  T-shirts are $20+shipping.  Available in black or black.  Place a pre-order now by emailing: to secure item. Please indicate size for Men (S, M, L, XL, XXL) or for Women (S, M, L, XL).  I will only be taking orders for 2009 up til December 15th.  Any orders after December 15th will not be handled and shipped until January 3rd.  Be a homie and tell a homie. Holla.

To give you a better idea of what these designs would look like on t-shirts.  Photoshop courtesy of my big sis:


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Guerilla Sketch

This is the sketch I was suppose to paint yesterday–but the weather was wet and rainy.  So we’re going to save it for another day.  RSM in his teeth is a prequel to my t-shirt design that will be released THIS WEDNESDAY! Check back soon.

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cause this is thrillerrrrrrrrr!!!!

MJ collabo by swat & sahra
Michael Jackson collabo by HOTSWAT & ME | spray paint on canvas | 48 x 72 in | summer 2009

this fly ass painting is finally up  sale!! $750 or best offer

inspired by the life and art of Michael Jackson, swizzy and i spray painted a special tribute.  CAUSE THIS IS THRILLERRRRRRRRRR!!!!! THRILLER NIGHT!!!! ’nuff said.

holla at me for details.

you can watch the making of this painting in a  time lapse video on my website. hit the “VIDEO” page:


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