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Rhymes with YA MAMAS!

Hello world,

I’m signing off the technoworld for a week because I’m going to the BAHAMAS!!  While the snow piles up in Boston, I’ll be getting my tan on at the beach and scoping out some Bahama booty, HOLLA!  So no posts from me until DECEMBER 30th!  By which time I’ll most likely have lots of stories about ignorant, self-entitled tourists, appropriation of indigenous lifestyles and the dilemma between cultural commodification & economic rise via tourism.  Damn, I hadn’t even boarded the plane yet and I’m bugging out.  Okay, I’ll put my blind shades on now 😎

I’m not going to KOKOMO, but the Muppets mention the BAHAMAS in this song:

Watch this chef try to cook Big Bird for dinner!  Fuck a pot. We’d have to cook him in a GEYSER!

Happy holidays everyone!!


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Holiday gift tip for the kids

I’m sick.  Hella hard to breathe through inflamed nostrils right now.  I’ve been editing poems and doing layout designs all freaking day on the computer (CHAPBOOK IS COMING!), it feels like my eyeballs are about to bleed.  This is not good.  I’m too tired to post.  So check out this commercial by Fisher Price.  Shit is beyond hilarious.  There are many  things wrong with this though.  How many can you count?  It will still have you rolling by the end:

Vibrator gloves for kids? YAAAAAAAAAA BOYYYYY!

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I JUST SAW Avatar: The Movie…Off the chain!!

Yes, I saw the movie BEFORE YOU and Yes, you should be jealous.  I don’t want to be a jerk and say too much before the public premiere so I’ll just say it was a little something like

Apocalypto|Mel Gibson x Pocahontas x Bush’s War x Fern Gully x Back-to-the-future-fast-forward x  Your Moms x Buuuuck Yea!

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Sexy Light Shows

Check out these sexy light shows I recorded for y’all while I was in New York City.  They hella put me in the holiday groove!!  And a smitten mooood, yadidamean!!

(Above) Please ignore the annoying background voices.  I don’t know them.

I recommend having some background music off your iTunes because this video does not come with music.

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Jose James: Park Bench People

Big ups to the homie, CHUCK, for putting me on!!

This reminds me of a painting I did back in 2005, called “Park People” of a homie sitting on the Park Bench! WHAAAAA! Yes yes y’all.

For more paintings and artwork, visit my flashy flash website:


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this shit is sexy as fuck

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem – Forever (Travis Barker Remix)

let me tell you why this video turns me on.  it’s not travis barker’s scrawny white ass.  it’s the ugly in his face when he’s playing.  fo serious.  that’s how you can judge if people are for real.  if they are willing to get UGLY WID IT.  if even in our self-conscious, self-telecast, self-absorbed vanity world, we can drop the pretty fresh pretty front to forget how we look in a moment of true life before the scrutinizing eye.  we are willing to free ourselves from the inhibitions of how we want the world to see us–and just fly.  no matter how ugly or twisted our face looks against the wind.  travis just took this track to a whole new level.  it’s almost as if i could feel the labor of his love engulfing my entire body.  most videos/performances can make the viewer feel like a spectator on the other side of the 4th wall.  few performances (like this one) are successful in making the viewer feel like a participant in a transformative experience.  as a female artist, i’m always conscious of my image in the public eye in not wanting to appear so conscious of my image in the public eye. honestly, sexy is an easy formula: wear less and talk less.  even a dummy can do that.  and i’m not a dummy so i can definitely do that.  but i’m not a dummy so do i want to do that?

it’s a little like sex.  butt-naked action brings us to an over exposed and defenseless position with nothing to hide behind.  in order for you to really maximize the pleasure of the experience, you gota be willing to get ugly wid it. hahaaaa! 😉


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hollywood holt–another fresh face from chi-town coming up on the radar.  extra fresh and hella fine.  came across one of his old tracks but it reminded me of the spirit of HALLOWEEN so much, just had to put it up!!!  you gota give the kid props on this one.  a MUST DEFinite listen:

CLICK HERE to listen to: Brains!!! by Hollywood Holt

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