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JAN 5, 2010.


Hi friends, sorry I been off the posting game.  Hella grind on wrapping up the chapbook for print & download, completely rebuilding my website, promo ordeal, massive internal organization/self-management, collecting my thoughts for the New Decade and on top of it all, TRYNA PARTAAAAAY! So much to do, not enough time.

My January 5th deadline is quickly approaching and by then, you can expect:

+Digital release of my chapbook for FREE DOWNLOAD!
+Limited Edition Hard Copies for sale
+Website revamped with: New background, expanded gallery, updated Merch page, new photos, new blog (on my own server) and overall better feel for some faster loading.
+Refugee State of Mind T-Shirts hooked up to the PayPal to finally take orders
+FREE Stickers!


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Reporting LIVE from the Bahamas!

I tapped some wireless outside my hotel.  I got so many stories when I foreal return to the bloggy world, Dec. 30th. Until then, countdown to a NEW DECADE. Get ready for the heeeeeat!


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New Poem: The Sexy Hypebeast

As an artist and a blogger, it’s my commitment to be as real with y’all as possible.  If I’m going to share myself with the world, I want to take the risk in being honest and vulnerable.  I believe in being present in real time–this includes exploring new ideas and asking you all the same questions I ask myself, because I don’t have all the answers and I won’t act like I do.  My past few posts have been questioning a lot about sexuality, feminism and the male gaze.  The following piece is inspired by my continuous thought process.  Peep my blog tomorrow for a fresh feature in “Essays on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” sharing with you my new findings.

Disclaimer: The following piece is not meant to be a personal attack or insult to anyone.  Rather, it is all centered on my own internal explorations.  For the record, thank you to YONE & for giving me an opportunity to work with dope talent. Holla.

I don’t give a fuck about a hypebeast blog
Yea I made that shit, it was nuttin’ at all
These good looking genes? Thank you mom and pop
Anyone can do it, just take off your top
But I kept mine on, thank you very much
Reject the request of a photo buff
Strip everything keep the self respect
Strip everything and how much is left?

I don’t give a fuck about a hypebeast blog
Yea I made that shit, it was nuttin’ at all
I gota save my shit, this ain’t a bargain call
Too much diamonds on the market make the value fall
Camera’s loaded now, who’s running the show?
Run through the film until the end of the roll
Work your best pose but you still won’t know
By the end of the shoot, you can look the hoe

That’s the given role, pre-designated
Enter head in thinking I could change it
Ain’t so easy as my analyticals made it
I got two hands but the camera ain’t in it
If a picture is worth a thousand words
Who does the talking, who’s side comes first?
Who does the walking, the tripod or purse?
They say sex sells, a gift or a curse?

Looking sexy for the camera ain’t my best talent
Lying low on a couch ain’t really a challenge
I do it easily, but it ain’t my best side
I’d rather show the world what I have inside.
Believe me when I tell you it was nuttin’ at all
You can be better than a hypebeast blog
Make your own name not another blank broad
Baby be your own boss ’til you’re calling the shots.


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Thank You for choosing the all-white cast

Dear Paramount Pictures,

Thank you for selecting an all-white cast for your upcoming film, Avatar: The Last Airbender.  People keep asking, “Does Hollywood not want an all-asian cast?  Or are the actors best suited for the roles just happen to be white?”  The answer is obvious:  Asian people don’t have talent.  The 4 billion Asian people in Asia don’t count because they can’t speak english.  So that leaves us with only 15 million Asian Americans in the United States.  And none of these can act. Kind of like the way the current all-white cast can’t do martial arts. (So that mando martial arts boot camp you’re putting them through is a brilliant idea!)  Maybe Asian people should take some acting classes.  Honestly though, skills aside, there are just some things you cannot learn.  Like your looks.  It’s all genetics baby.  Most people don’t want to admit it because we’re living in this post-racial America and crap.  So much PC talk. But there is nothing politically wrong with saying, white people are better to look at on screen, especially a Hollywood screen.  If I wanted to see an all-Asian cast, I’d rent a Korean drama (oh dang those Koreans know how to backstab). And for the record, I don’t think it’s weird at all to see white people doing Asian things.  White people are extremely versatile in adapting other cultures because they suffer from blank canvas culture.  The good thing about Asian people is that they love to share (I never had to do my own homework).  So it’s okay that you’re borrowing traditional East Asian calligraphy, martial arts, Chinese art, monk costumes, Japanese Anime, fight choreography from Asian cinema, and the philosophies of Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism for this movie.  Asian culture without the Asian people.  It’s like chicken without the bones.  I think this is a great way to spread Asian-ness to the rest of America.  Asian people are awesome.  They have awesome things in their culture.  They have an awesome history no one likes to talk about.  They make awesome karate moves. They cook awesome food. But Asian people, are not awesome to look at on the big screen.  Because they could never make it to the big screen. Because Asian people have no talent.  Wow, 15 million Asian Americans in the United States and not one can act? That’s fucked up.

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UNCUT freewrite: this again

this is what happens when you don’t write poems for hella days. hella shades become hella blank. thoughts dangle sideways. nothing pops off the page. so most of the time i gota hit rewind. when better words run dry i revert to whiny rhymes about why i can’t write poems for hella days. haha. writer’s block becomes an excuse for i’m just lazy. but that’s not really the case ’cause i’m never just straight chillin on the couch being plain lazy. always looking for something better got my hands full with paints and paint brushes, always that same dilemma about the colors or the letters.  i want to fill my world with words pour my heart out to whoever’s listening, want to get better at my craft there’s always a beginning to every great happy ending, but i never want my shit to end just want it to keep continuing, like the masterpiece continuum never a finished product left untouchable but always a blueprint to build up better ones. gota keep pushing the innovation in me and everyone around me.  it’s amazing how fast i can forget my purpose. sometimes even when madd affirmations will remind me (i’m thankful) but still i can sink so swiftly like quicksand in the unthinking thoughts nobody really verbalizes but myself because even ego is a race to beat the other person in beating it down, for the sake of saying i’m still a winner because i beat you in beating my own ego down, haha…if that makes any sense.

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16 Reasons Why I Love Dinosaurs

1) they remind me of high school, where the big, bad bullies usually
have walnut-sized brains
2) like men, size is not a measurement of intelligence.
3) they are proof that a vegetarian can KICK CARNIVORE ASS!
4) they come in many shapes and sizes–diversify!
5) they are against global warming
6) they set world records before world records were set
7) they are creatures created in my imagination that actually lived
but then died out only to be recreated in my imagination
8 ) like men, they are cold blooded animals…. (JUST KIDDING GADDAM CALM DOWN!! y’all kno i love my men!!!)
9) they had a 160 million year reign on earth…SUCK THAT Britain,
FRANCE and every country that ever colonized another country.
10) global domination is a failed effort, even in the name of greatest
colossal monsters
11) size ISN’T everything
12) evolution is in the mind and state of consciousness
13) something bigger than US lived before us
14) something bigger than us may live after us
15) unlike the dinosaurs, we are doing a pretty damn good job at trying to blow up the earth on its own
16) if we don’t quit driving our world toward extinction, the universe
will explode in our faces and a new generation of stars will take our

bada bing!!!

YO, in a similar vein, does anybody else remember this show?!?!!?!?  good times, baby.


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