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Byebye Helvetica

This thing is so easy even a caveman can do it!

Homie Claud shared this with me today.  Make your own font from your handwriting in seconds.  Good times:



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BODEGA PUMP 20 Launch ft. Arnold

Last night I went to the BODEGA PUMP 20 LAUNCH Party and it was awesome.

One of my homies, Marv, worked on designing this shoe.  It’s funny having friends who design shoes and apparel then their shit comes out and I’m like, “YOU’RE FAMOUS!! ON HIS FEET! AND HER BREAST!”  Like when celebrity faces hit billboards except kinda not really.

The party had a cool military theme going on, with the movie PREDATOR projected on the wall.  Then I was reminded of my California days with good old governor Arnold.

How can anyone take this man seriously after this:

and this:

Based on historical patterns, it appears that the American people love voting for politicians based on religion, facial symmetry and muscles, maaaang!

Visit Bodega Here.

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