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A Yasumasa Yonehara (YONE) Original!!


This is my homie Square.  He’s one of the illest artists around.   And I mean that with absolutely no homie bias. NONE!! He’s one of Boston’s best–ASK SOMEBODY!

Anyways, in this photo we were chilling at some Puma x DJ Hero shindig last night (DJ Hero puts me to sleep).  The photo is taken by world renowned Japanese photographer, Yasumasa Yonehara a.k.a. YONE!  He’s in town from Tokyo for his art show this Friday (Ask somebody!). YONE takes super sexy photos of hot girls.  His philosophy is MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.  Literally.  Before you judge the raunchiness, take a moment to think about Japan’s terribly suppressed sex culture (they got blow up sex doll shops, pay-by-the-hour…..).  What does the term “American/Imperialist Aggression” mean in the context of war?  When someone becomes “sexually frustrated”, what happens? They BLOW UP!  All puns intended, yadidameeeean!  I’m still processing my feelings on it.  Judge for yourself: Yasumasa Yonehara

The photo above was taken with the camera below. FUJI INSTAX!  CALLING ALL SANTAS, hollaaaa:



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New Sunday Buzz & Solo Exhibition @ UCLA

Oooooooooo it’s been an exciting week since my last Sunday Confessional…which will now be called Sunday Buzz, because Confession has such a nefarious connotation, and like a wise graffiti buddy once said, “YOU NEVER WANT TO INCRIMINATE YOURSELF!”

Plus, Buzz is better because I’ll be yapping about all things good with me. YEEEEEEEA.

I’ve been scrubbing toilets and evacuating the dust bunnies all day in preparation for my Auntie’s arrival tonight from Vietnam!! Yup, this will be the first relative from the motherland to visit the U.S.A. since my pops fled the country 30 years ago after the Fall of Saigon.  Inspired by my Auntie’s visit and my parents’ Refugee State of Mind, I will be dedicating two blog posts this week on my family’s history.

I’m letting you know what kinda posts to expect before they even go up!


Monday: The Refugee Romeo & Juliet Story
Read about the tragic and fated events that led to me being born.

Tuesday: When Globalization Gets Personal
This shit ain’t all fun and gravy when the theoretical becomes real.  Half of my family is Vietnam ballin’.  The other half is getting robbed, and plain fucked by global politics. Get an inside perspective on my family’s story as the epitome of globalization.

Wednesday: Figure 8s & Elephants
I’ll be unveiling a never before seen painting (from Summer 2009)!! Inspired by the balance I’m perpetually striving for in my life and Babar.  I’m excited for this one.

Thursday: L.A. Throwback

The importance of friendship & mentorship.

Friday: Damn, I really don’t know yet.  TBD

DISCLAIMER: All of this is subject to change or be rearranged at anytime! But I WILL get them all to you.


I’m heeeella excited to announce that the UC Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission (CAC) is doing an entire solo exhibition on my artwork!  So if you’re in the Los Angeles area, def check it out.  This is my first solo show conceived & curated by someone OTHER THAN MYSELF (say haaay!).  It is also CAC’s FIRST permanent art collection, which is exciting for all of us.   This is one of the reasons why I love creating visual artwork; it is a product that can be transported and shared in real life with real people anywhere in the world no matter where I AM in the world.  It is most definitely a part of the dream.  Thank you to Joanne Danganan and Margarita Rozenbaoum for making this really happen. (I didn’t get to come up with the exhibit title but that’s okay).

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The Kia Soul Collective is coming to ME!

meet The Soul Collective…featuring one of my all-time favorites, JANELLE MONAE!!!

kia soul collective

KIA got together a gang of cool artists to do a gang of cool things, like put on FREE CONCERTS!!  check out the BEANTOWN LINE-UP:

kia soul concert

buuuck yea! the perks of being the new MISS LIT at this joint. all access baby.  honestly, can’t front…never heard of these bands before. but HEY! anything miss monae related is COOL BY ASSOCIATION! (oh dang, she’s powerful…) plus, its goin down where i work.  we got the GREENEST building in the city. the only PLATINUM certified LEED around town. check out our sexy angles:

i work in da best building in the whole wide world.  click the building to VISIT US!!

peep details about the free concert this weekend. click below to be redirected to the kia soul collective site.

kia soul collective

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