I’ve definitely ditched the blog these past few weeks.  Between being out of the country and hustling to completely rebuild my website and pull together my chapbook release, the blog has fallen to bottom priority.  Sorry!  But it’s a brand new year and I know it’s past January first now, but the “first day of the year” doesn’t mean as much to me as the “first day of the rest of my life.”  Yes, I’m running on my internal clock.   Besides, time is an invention.

ANYWAYS, for anybody (anybody, anybody at all…most likely not) that has been checking my blog and noticing I haven’t been blogging as frequently–I will be getting back into the daily blogging groove (minus some weekends) Jan 5th!!  On top of that, this will be my last post on THIS blog.  YES, I’m moving my blog and it’s going to be better.  It’s 2:36am right now and I’m rambling but JUST STAY TUNED!! I’LL BE BACK ON THE BLOG SOON. Besides, nobody’s reading during vacation!!!!!


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