Cover Art

JAN 5, 2010.


Hi friends, sorry I been off the posting game.  Hella grind on wrapping up the chapbook for print & download, completely rebuilding my website, promo ordeal, massive internal organization/self-management, collecting my thoughts for the New Decade and on top of it all, TRYNA PARTAAAAAY! So much to do, not enough time.

My January 5th deadline is quickly approaching and by then, you can expect:

+Digital release of my chapbook for FREE DOWNLOAD!
+Limited Edition Hard Copies for sale
+Website revamped with: New background, expanded gallery, updated Merch page, new photos, new blog (on my own server) and overall better feel for some faster loading.
+Refugee State of Mind T-Shirts hooked up to the PayPal to finally take orders
+FREE Stickers!


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One response to “Cover Art

  1. in the WORST country accent: “I’m exciiiiited!!!”

    issa no prollem, i gonna wear de shirt, i gonna sticka de stickers ebrywhere, i gonna tella de peoples to come to de site, eef dey have-a de eenternet. i gonna be jour beegess fan.

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