Rhymes with YA MAMAS!

Hello world,

I’m signing off the technoworld for a week because I’m going to the BAHAMAS!!  While the snow piles up in Boston, I’ll be getting my tan on at the beach and scoping out some Bahama booty, HOLLA!  So no posts from me until DECEMBER 30th!  By which time I’ll most likely have lots of stories about ignorant, self-entitled tourists, appropriation of indigenous lifestyles and the dilemma between cultural commodification & economic rise via tourism.  Damn, I hadn’t even boarded the plane yet and I’m bugging out.  Okay, I’ll put my blind shades on now 😎

I’m not going to KOKOMO, but the Muppets mention the BAHAMAS in this song:

Watch this chef try to cook Big Bird for dinner!  Fuck a pot. We’d have to cook him in a GEYSER!

Happy holidays everyone!!


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One response to “Rhymes with YA MAMAS!

  1. Arami

    Ahhhh! i didn’t know you were going to the bahamas! have fun!! let’s catch up soon boo! xoxoxox. happy holidays!!!! 🙂

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