Upside-down Trees! And GIRLS x

Mistletoe upgrade. I think everybody was trying to get laid this night.

The picture above is from an event this past Friday night at my job.  Evergreen fresh.

I am very Sunday Buzzed out.  Call me tired. This week, my blogdawg mikey & i decided to REBUILD my entire flash website.  We’re keeping the same layout, so it won’t look drastically different to the viewer, but definitely polished and refreshed.  It’s mostly the backdoor that we’re reconstructing.  I’m excited to drop this in January.

I know the “Say WORD” blog category to the right is looking skimp, but know that I HAVE been on the writing grind.  I decided to save them for now so people have something new to look forward to when I release my first chapbook in January!

The YONE photo shoot was Saturday and overall–good experience.  More like social networking experiment.  Dope relationship building.  I’ll have more thoughts and photos to share later on in the week.  In a nutshell, I can say that even if you enter the situation with a particular mindset, it’s interesting how the camera can frame you–lit AND FIGURATIVELY. haaa!

Example. Check these 3 photos our friend was snapping away while we were chilling at Goodlife Bar.

Exhibit A:

The DJ was from LA.  Fun and laughs. YEE!

Exhibit B:

Later on, Charly wanted to work the camera with her unzipped corset.  She’s grown and can absolutely do her own thing.  So I stepped out of the shot.  I only enter here to help her ZIP UP her corset because she needs two hands to hold up her boobies.

Exhibit C:

I was laughing about what people around us must’ve been thinking. Now look how scandalous we look in the shot.  Oh, the power of shutter speed.

Alright, now call my “friend” with the point & shoot camera the internationally renowned photographer, Mr. YONE himself, RE-ORDER the photos to imply a different narrative,  throw it on the Hypebeast blog with a title, “girls girls girls everyday” and bada-bing–you GOT A STORY for the family dinners this holiday season.

YONE is still my homie.  That dude is madd ill and I respect him as an artist.  In a sexist and sex-crazed world where women are easily objectified, I wonder if there’s a legitimate way for women to embrace their natural bodies in front of the camera without inevitably being casted as the object of sexual voyeurism.  If yes, how?  If no, do we hide? If so, are we living as reactionary? I’m still searching and exploring answers.  It’s a matter of considering the future while living in the moment.  I know I will always enter every situation with a critical eye and a critical assessment.  Every experience can change, shift or affirm my views.  In this case–Affirmative.


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