The Sexy YONE Girl Dilemma

Dang y’all, I was partying so hard last night I didn’t get to blog!! My bad.  Check out my girl Charly & YONE’s crew below:

Charly Beast, YONE, Yoko (wife/manager), Takayo (Translator), ME (Behind the camera)

Anyways, YONE asked me to come in and do a photo shoot.  I know what you’re thinking.  I was thinking the same.  I was standing in the middle of his exhibition where my eyes were met with sexy half naked girls from all angles. Peep HERE. I felt pressure to be like them, but I was determined to be different as well.  I said “Yes”.  I decided a long time ago that I’m too young to pass up opportunities.  Risks are good.  They can bring great things.  And if they don’t kill you,  it’s a lesson learned.

I CAN DO SEXY.  That shit is easy (wear less talk less).  But do I want to? It’s not a matter of how comfortable or not I am with my body.  Because I am very comfortable in my body (that’s what HE said, haaaaa!).  For me, it’s understanding how I want to challenge stereotypical portrayal of women while still embracing my sexuality.  It’s the balance between rejecting the norm but accepting where you may fit in there.  There is more than one way to be SEXY.  Mainstream media teaches young girls that being sexy and desirable means stripping down.  That Tila Tequila claim to fame approach is wearing me out.

Then Takayo (Yone’s translator) told me something so inspiring, revealing and affirming.  Here’s our convo:

Me: What should I bring/wear tomorrow?
Takayo: ANYYYTHING! Wear whatever you want.
Me: Is there anything that YONE doesn’t like?
Takayo: No, he just wants you to be creative.
Me: Does he expect me to get NAKED!
Takayo: (Eyes wide) NOOOOO! He’s never asked any of the girls to do that.
Me: (Eyes wide) REALLY?
Takayo: Yea! Those girls are just really comfortable doing that.
Me: (Eyes wide with an eyebrow scrunch) Hm…
Takayo: But yea! A lot of girls in Japan don’t know how to be creative or express themselves.  You can wear NICE clothes! Have fun! Whatever!
Me: Hell yea!

My case: when put in front of a camera, every girl thinks that getting naked and looking raunchy is what they are SUPPOSE to do.  They fulfill the role they’ve always seen and been taught growing up by media.  They believe it will make them desirable, that it will please the client and the viewer.  They believe they’re doing their “job”  as “women” in society.  And the scary part is, they probably don’t even realize it.

So let’s see how sexed up I can get for the camera tonight.  At the end of the day though, all social conditioning and shit aside, a woman can do whatever the fuck she wants. It sucks that the framework of a world we live in will cast and judge her.  Maybe I’m just making excuses right now.  Or maybe I just need to stop looking for reasons to explain myself.


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One response to “The Sexy YONE Girl Dilemma

  1. good luck with the shoot, babygirl 🙂
    you should wear a dinosaur tshirt haha.

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