A Yasumasa Yonehara (YONE) Original!!


This is my homie Square.  He’s one of the illest artists around.   And I mean that with absolutely no homie bias. NONE!! He’s one of Boston’s best–ASK SOMEBODY!

Anyways, in this photo we were chilling at some Puma x DJ Hero shindig last night (DJ Hero puts me to sleep).  The photo is taken by world renowned Japanese photographer, Yasumasa Yonehara a.k.a. YONE!  He’s in town from Tokyo for his art show this Friday (Ask somebody!). YONE takes super sexy photos of hot girls.  His philosophy is MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.  Literally.  Before you judge the raunchiness, take a moment to think about Japan’s terribly suppressed sex culture (they got blow up sex doll shops, pay-by-the-hour…..).  What does the term “American/Imperialist Aggression” mean in the context of war?  When someone becomes “sexually frustrated”, what happens? They BLOW UP!  All puns intended, yadidameeeean!  I’m still processing my feelings on it.  Judge for yourself: Yasumasa Yonehara

The photo above was taken with the camera below. FUJI INSTAX!  CALLING ALL SANTAS, hollaaaa:



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2 responses to “A Yasumasa Yonehara (YONE) Original!!

  1. WHOOP WHOOP!!! didnt even know all that about Yone, that is sooooo cool! I’m glad to be a part of his message tomorrow. I can’t wait to rock it. I wish you could be there, Caitlin got asked to pose too!

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