I just compiled my recent paintings into one place

Alright y’all. It’s the Sunday Buzz.  But sometimes some people don’t feel like reading.  Kind of like the way some people don’t feel like writing (ahem).  So I just spent the last 2 hours setting up a NEW PAGE tab called, “Living Stroke RECAP”.  Since I try to post pretty frequently and some folks may not check in frequently enough, they miss out on some bomb ass bloggyblog posts by yours truly–especially the ones that feature recent artwork.  So in celebration of the end of a decade (and the beginning of a new one), I compiled all my artwork from Summer 2009 to now into one page.  I was on some serious grind this season y’all!! And the fun just don’t stop.  Check the new page tab above.  Enjoy.

Oh yea, here is a painting I completed this summer but never officially unveiled.  Say hello to my buddy Swizzy:

Portrait of HOT SWAT | Spray paint on Canvas

P.S. I’ll be working on archiving all these paintings on my official flashy flash website with the rest of my artwork. Home base, baby. Holla.


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