First Vietnamese American Woman on Federal Bench

Good news! Jacqueline Nguyen:
1) We reppin’ the same last name of the greatest Dynasty to ever reign.
2) Nominated by (first black President) BARACK OBAMA!
3) Went to my alma mater, UCLA!!


Senate Confirms Nation’s First Vietnamese American Woman to Serve on the Federal Bench

This is tight.  Jacqueline Nguyen is the first Vietnamese American Woman to serve on the Federal Bench.  She was born in South Vietnam (1965) and moved to the U.S. when she was 10 years old after the Vietnam War.  She went from war refugee to U.S. Federal Bench–all in one lifetime!!  Damn, extraordinary people like her give folks no excuse to not hustle for a dream.  She got that Refugee State of Mind.  Many privileged (& spoiled) Americans inherit a legacy of advantages.  She inherited nothing.  And what she accomplished by climbing the ranks of American society in less than a lifetime is a testament to the possibilities of hard work, determination and perseverance.  The value and hustle of immigrant and refugee communities are too often undermined in this country.  Oftentimes language and cultural barriers hinder such communities from fully having a voice to defend and represent themselves.  Mainstream society casts immigrants and refugees as perpetual foreigners, second class citizens and a waste of space.  But damn, haters bedda watch out!!  Wanted or not, we are most definitely a rising class.  And I don’t mean that in a “Let’s take over everything!!” kind of way.  But rather, let’s transform this country and shift the paradigm kind of way.  For a bedda day. And days.  First class all day everyday please and thank you!!

Speaking of Vietnamese people, my parents had a huge dinner party last night with some OG Vietnamese homies.  (There was lobster! I was having a fucking blast with them claws.). My dad’s long lost brother showed up for the first time in YEARS and now has a wife and two kids (long story, another blog post).  All the OG’s kept telling me I need to step up my game and be MARRIED by 25!!  I told them that fellas need to step up THEIR game. HELLO. They kept asking me, “How come you don’t have a boyfriend yet?”

I told them,

“Two words: TIGER. WOODS.”

or as the people like to say, CHEETAH WOODS. haaaa!



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2 responses to “First Vietnamese American Woman on Federal Bench

  1. You’re such a cutiepieeee. Two more years to find that man-candy haha.

  2. Arami


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