Lights Turn Me On

WORDPRESS WORLD! It’s only been 2 days since my last post and I miss you!!

Got back from a bangin’ weekend with the fam in NYC.  We were showing my aunt (visiting from Vietnam) around to all the sightseeing joints so I def felt like a tourist again.

This dude is the FN man.  He’s from Trinidad.  We were waiting in line for the Statue of Liberty and he asked us, “Where are you guys from?”  My dad said, “Vietnam!”  Then he starts playing the National Anthem of Vietnam on his violin!!!  That’s wasup homie!!

When I was younger, I used to not like Times Square because I felt impounded by the towering advertisements.  It felt like I was being swallowed by the monster of a consumerist culture at it’s worst.  It was honestly revolting for me.  I didn’t want to be a part of it.  It made me want to retreat to the mountains and raise sheep and make my own clothes.  I still feel that way sometimes.  But now, more than anything I just love love LOVE the SHINY LIGHTS!!!!! Brings me to babytalk gaaaaaaawhaaaWOW!

Lights like these are enough to make me fall in love.

I’m uploading two videos of the light shows (Snowflakes and Tree).  They will be posted this week!


1.) I told y’all I would release my “Figure 8’s & Elephants” painting today, but I’m pushing it back one more day. TOMORROW! PROMISE!

2.) I’m also pushing the release date for my first chapbook: JANUARY 5th!

>>December is here in a few hours, and I realized I’m just not ready to put out a quality chapbook.  I want to take an extra month to solidify and edit my poem selections, and work on the cover art.

3.) Website will also be revamped and relaunched: JANUARY 5th!

>>I’ll be updating the gallery with recent paintings, hooking up the Merch page, tidying up little details, moving my WordPress blog onto my own server, and more good shit!

I hate to change deadlines, but I need more time!! Plus, it’s better to drop these bangin’ changes for the bangin’ NEW YEEEEEAR!

4) Also, my first solo exhibition dates in LA have been moved to JANUARY 2010! We gona start the new year off riiiiight yezzirrrrrr!

Bloggy blog posts to expect this week:

1) Figure 8’s & Elephants Painting (a.k.a. Balance & Babar!)
2) The story of how I was raised Khmer
3) Awesome NYC light show videos to get you in the holiday mood
4) A Title for the Readership’s Hit List
5) Whatever else I feel like.

Thanks for reading.


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