Spank You Spandex & Turkey Jesus!

Ooooooo after nearly 36 hours of gluttonous indulgences, my jeans are feeling tiiiiiiiiight!  This is when I bust out my spandex and sweat pants for that snowy marshmallow season! Mmmmmm…

The resurrection of TURKEY!!!!! I don’t eat meat, but this discovery was awesome.

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog until Monday, but I couldn’t resist.  There’s only so much a food comatized couch potato fatty can do on “Black Friday”.  Speaking of which, who came up with these names? “Black Friday”, “Blackmail”, “Black List”… all of which insinuate cheapness, lesser value, riotous behavior, deceitful trickery, malicious intent and a list of unwanted people.  Gaddam, does racism ever take a holiday?

I hate shopping on “Black Friday”.  It’s a nauseating experience for me.  Too many people rampaging the aisles and not enough patience (in me).  I don’t like shopping in general, unless I know what I want.  It’s too much of a conflict of character within myself.  Consumerism vs. Buddhism.  Consumerism has got us thinking that we have to buy MORE than we really need to be happy.  There’s a difference between immediate indulgences and sustainable happiness.  Most of those immediate indulgences come in material things–like expensive bags, jewelry or shoes–which overtime can become excessive if not handled with moderation.  Buddhism, on the other hand, promotes the philosophy of detaching ourselves from ALL material desires–to decrease our greed and reach enlightenment.  I’m not saying one is better than the other.  Rather, I’m constantly trying to understand my role as a pushing Buddhist living in the reality of a consumerist culture.  Minimalist and simplistic is my style, occasionally spiked.  Balance is my ultimate goal.  That being said, can I just brag about my new pair of sexy black boots I just copped the other day, haaaaaaay!!

Every year for Thanksgiving, I make my most anticipated VEGETARIAN POT PIE!  Which was recently renamed from its former, “Vegetarian Shephard’s Pie.”  My cuzzo was tripping like, “How can this be Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie?  The definition of Shepard’s Pie is ground beef.” I said, “It’s VEGETARIAN shepard’s pie, aite?”  And he goes, “Are there vegetarians in it??”  Okay, I get it.  It’s no longer called veggie shep pie…it’s veggie POT pie! Holla.

It tastes BEDDA than it looks. 🙂



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5 responses to “Spank You Spandex & Turkey Jesus!

  1. racism did take a holiday

    black friday is named as so because its supposed to bring retailers balance sheets into the black (as opposed to the negative, red)

    has nothin to do with racism at all

  2. WHERE did you cop those boots? they are to die for– please share!

  3. cand

    haha sahra that is bomb. all of it.

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