Thank you thank you thank you…you’re far too kind.

I am thankful for:

1) mom and dad for getting over their prejudices of each other and giving me life.
2) Jenny for being the first subscriber to my bloggyblog.
3) Kimberly for sneaking me snacks from the kitchen after 9pm.
4) all my friends–you know who you are don’t make me name you because it’ll make me lose friends I didn’t even know I had.
5) the cute coffee boy who serves me my almond brioche in the mornings.
6) a job where I have way too much fun laughing and talking smack.
7) the inventors of vegan cupcakes.
8) Totino’s pizza rolls.
9) YOU for actually reading this far.
10) everybody who fought & died so I can have the rights I have to live the life I live with all of the above listed and more.

THANKFUL ALL DAY EVERYDAY.  I’m spending time with the fambam and going to NYC this weekend, so no bloggyblog posts from me until MONDAY! (Unless it’s an impromptu post).  I’ll be unveiling a *new* never-before-seen painting on Monday’s post, so holla back.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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