FORT HOOD Up In Our Homes!

Every time there is a shooting in America, every person of color prays the gun man (or woman) isn’t of one’s own race or ethnicity (or religion)…except for white people of course.  White people are the only group of citizens who do not become antagonized and vilified by the media when a crime is committed…because I guess it’s just their natural right to be criminals, or millionaires, or football players, or anything else really.  It’s part of white privilege, the privilege to be exempt from marginalization and have ownership over everything–from space to identities ….yadidameeeean??

An individual committing an individual’s crime is one thing.  But for one individual’s crime to become the focal point for the media to antagonize an entire community is another thing.   I can say more, but Vijay Prashad says it way better in his article, Can the Major Speak?

Vijay Prashad is a widely renowned professor, author, journalist and a critical voice in the progressive community.  Some of his books include “The Karma of Brown Folk”, “The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World” and “Fat Cats and Running Dogs: The Enron Stage of Capitalism”. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but maybe by it’s title, yadeeeeeg? I didn’t want to copy and paste because that’s just lame.  Don’t be a lazy 21st century video drone…READ his article.

But I’m kind of a hater so I judge all the time.  By the looks of it, these covers are looking extra fly for the reading pasttime.


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