Sunday Confession

As I continue to grapple with the narcissism that comes with blogging, I’m still sculpting and developing my blog’s identity to be readworthy.  My posting patterns have shown that I tend to do at least one major personal update a week, with random viewpoints, current events, art and music snippets, suggestive titles etc . sprinkled throughout the week.  So this new post series will be called “Sunday Confession” where I will give you my most thorough update on projects and progress from the week!

* How’s the new color scheme?!!?!? You can tell I’ve been having some fun in revamping my blog.  After enough complaints about the legibility of black font on brown wood BG, I finally changed the BG color.
* I added a new *UPCOMING PROJECTS* page!
* You can now subscribe to my blog via whatever means you want.  Check the sidebar!!
* I finally decided to type with proper capitalization on my blog.  I think it will make people take me more seriously. =P

* Exciting, exciting things are in store for my full website.  I missed California so much I changed the background.  Now it feels like I’m transported to Venice Beach every time I enter it.  I’m working on adding an email subscriber option, PayPal option and new photos to the gallery.
* Expect to see new additions in the first week of December

* I’ve been on the writing game, prepping new and old poems for my chapbook to be released December 8th!! Only 50 hard copies will be printed, and this will be available on my website for pay-what-you-want.
* My first t-shirt design is going into printing this week.  I will be releasing the design later in the week.
* Prepping for my Solo Art Show at UCLA.  Opening day is November 30th.
* We were suppose to go painting today but the weather was too wet.  I’ll scan & upload my sketch tomorrow.


Amidst all the grind, I was surprised with some hella good news this week.  My site is receiving lots of traffic in less than 2 months.  I don’t know how this is suppose to compare, but it really doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that I’m happy my art is reaching out to people.   I must admit, as an independent artist pushing many fronts, sometimes I lose my focus.  I love painting, writing and creating–but every so often I can’t help but question, “What for?  Where is this all going?”  Even though I can’t always see my clear destination in the horizon, I know I must be on the right path.  The number is definitely comforting to a one-woman-show most of the time, trying to do a million jobs at once–writing, painting, creating, envisioning, innovating, business planning, managing, organizing, communicating, etc.  It’s not an ideal situation for an artist to be at conflict with creation time versus management time–mostly because I want to make sure I’m always practicing my craft, thinking of new ways to forward the art form and not just exploit it for promotional gain.  As a female artist and performer in a male-dominated world, I easily get self-conscious.  My own skepticism and self-doubt adds extra weight in my effort to carve my way through this world.  So the positive feedback most definitely helps.  It heightens my belief that if you go after what you believe (even when you don’t always know where it will lead you), the world will have your back.  So THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported me and/or shared my work with others.  Let’s keep building.  Love, sahra.

P.S. Gots GOSTA to give props to my blogdawg for life, MikeyG, for being a teacher, a friend and my webmaster!! For which none of this would’ve been possible without him.  Don’t sleep:

Me & Mikey in NYC (Same outfit as my profile pic? Yes. Same day? Questionable.)

sahra nguyen mikeyg

Chillin outside a mini mart with Cali homie, Drizzy.  I’m trying to remember what we were talking about that made my face so twisted, but I must not have been happy.

sahra nguyen mikey g drizzy NYC


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