The highly anticipated mixtape by Jarell Perry is finally here!!! DOWNLOAD NOW.

When everybody is talking about the fiery cosmic collision from outer space to mark the end of the world in 2012, Jarell Perry is a rising star shooting straight into the future.  Even after I shed all my best biases about my best buddy, I can still say he is one of the most talented artists currently on the grind.  I’ve seen JP independently hustle his way through the music industry, from webcam cover songs to international collaborations.  With every move he makes, he most definitely knows how to leave a lasting impression.  Above all, his music is amazing.  Bringing back the true groove of R&B, he writes and sings his own songs.  He used to produce his own music until OTHER music producers started throwing themselves at JP for the chance to make music FOR him to sing on.  Everyone’s trying to get JP to slap his name on their shit.  Good shit.  Enjoy the free download while you can, because this homie is most definitely getting signed very very soon.  Watch out now.

I take hella pride in being able to say “That’s MY homie!!!!”

Visit his full website at :

What does the title of On My Own, the first full-length mixtape from singer-songwriter Jarell Perry, really mean for the rising R&B artist?

As JP will tell you himself, the long-awaited release mostly serves as a testament to the last two years spent forging his path to a big break: producing and/or writing all of his own material, attracting thousands of new fans by designing his own website, Myspace, and YouTube series, and playing countless shows at L.A. clubs and his alma mater, UCLA.

On My Own, set for viral release on Friday, November 13th, is a part of that story. “It’s really a picture of where I’ve been and where I’m going, musically speaking,” he says. The destination? A smart blend of inspirational R&B, piano-pop, and hip-hop swing. Enlisting the help of top indie producers like The Skiii Team, UniqueSound Ent., Nobody Famous, Mr. Clean, Mike Rizzy, and Vizion, Jarell is careful to mention that none of it would’ve been possible without gifted collaborators, true friends, and a growing band of international supporters. “I think the real moral of my story is that you’re never alone.”

After stumbling upon the recording game his freshman year in college, Jarell Perry quickly rose from ten-dollar RadioShack microphones to in-studio writing sessions for major-label artists. Most of this album, however, was written in the humble apartment studio where he feels the most comfortable. Recent followers will be pleased to find crowd favorites like “Indestructible”, “Change Your Mind”, and “Universal Love” on this release along with many others.


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