demar derozan on the rise (haaaa! get it?)

check out DEMAR DEROZAN. one of the hottest NBA rookies with Toronto Raptors.  he’s got a rags to riches story hailing from Compton, California now climbing the ranks of the NBA.

demar derozan
demar derozan, 24x24in, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, fall 2009

so i been working on this piece for a few weeks now. feels good to FINALLY wrap this project up…just shipped it off via fedex this morning to los angeles. my girl charmaine hit me up to do this piece back in september.  she’s also from compton–can you say compton queen?  she is taking the world by storm.  protege of the famous choreographer fatima robinson, charm went on tour with madonna by the age of 18.  check her out in ESMEE DENTER’s music video (justin timberlake’s new talent):

if you’re wondering which one she is…she is esmee denter’s hotter homegirl in the video.  compton queen. uh huh you get it. charmaine is a crazy talented artist who knows how to command her audience’s attention.  she’s got the fire of her hometown with the force of a warrior.  she is truly a rising pioneer to transform the dance world.  don’t sleep on her yall!!!  i feel truly blessed to know a beauty like herself.


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One response to “demar derozan on the rise (haaaa! get it?)

  1. shar

    GIT IT, SAHRA!!!!

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