asian men can run hella fast, too

big ups to my fambam MARK!!  he’s the STAR RUNNING BACK for his school, boston latin academy.  he made the Boston Globe newspaper  today…and will be going into the finals for league champ!!

running back mark

WATCH HIM SCORE HERE. he’s #33. shit gets poppin’ at 1:30

while i am making a proud family plug, i feel like i should use this opportunity to make a deep social statement or something.  here it goes.  asian men (like mark) challenge stereotypes of asian men as being weak, effeminate, unattractive and incredibly good at math…he is proof that there are more to asian men than the media portrays. some are good looking. some are not. some are good at math. some are not. some are good at football.  or like my homie mark, he’s strong, handsome, good at math AND nasty at sports!!! HE DOES IT ALL!!! OH DAMN watch out now, the asians are taking over.

just check out this new t-shirt running the market:

i appreciate the sentiment…but wtf? the NEW cool? i’m pretty sure i’ve been cool my whole life… and the coolness has been passed down in my family since the beginning of time.  so don’t get it twisted, dumb t-shirt makers.  don’t try to brand our culture like it’s a damn trend.  it’s a history and a hustle…a lifestyle you can’t buy off the racks, b. one of the most unwanted and underrated nation of immigrants in the u.s. to stick it out for over a century, to stake claim in a land that was always rightfully ours and to climb the academic and economic ladder to become a most unfuckwidable force.  these are the chinese transcontinental railroad workers, japanese american internment camp prisoners, vietnamese and khmer rouge refugees, the nail salon owners, the ivy league stars, the valedictorian that beat out your kid, the people who cook your food and the people who cook you.  posers and bandwagon thieves will spend the rest of their lives trying to figure how we got so fresh. cool til the day we die, MFerz.


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