the kind of love i’d love

my girl anjali just shared this cool article with me about The Obamas’ Marriage

and we agree, they represent the kind of relationship we’d each want to have.  beautiful, respectable and powerful (does it get any better?).  this brings to mind my second favorite couple in america right now:

the obamas and jayonce are two of the hottest power couples on the block.  what i love most about them is the fact that each person holds their own.  relationship aside, each individual is independent and accomplished within him/herself.  this is what i look for in all my relationships–the potential to challenge each other and grow.  too often, young romances surrender independent needs and dreams for the sake of “being together”.  and i hate that “you complete me” bullshit.  if you don’t know who you are outside of a relationship, then you can never fully know yourself inside of one.  it’s more like, “you make me [even] better.”

if you know me, you’ll know that i love to grind. and i love to constantly push for new heights. so don’t expect to see me at last year’s party.  i used to be on that super miss independent tip (i still am!), where it was like, “damn, no time for relationships. this time is all about ME ME ME.” no time for distractions.  but i think it’s too often that super ambitious people forget that while dreams are necessary, human affection and companionship ain’t so bad either. haha. and we forget that these things are important in life too.  i used to say to myself, “let me put off romance until i’m 35, because that’s when i’ll be ready.” but what if i never reach 35? then that would suck.  i used to think the two weren’t possible together, but now i do believe they are…it’s a balancing act. because the truth is, i’ll never stop chasing my dreams. because even as i get closer, i’m just gona build new ones to keep reaching for. so a romantic road dawg would make the journey all the more exciting.

don’t get it twisted… i still get love, just not always romance 😉 i’ve kind of kept it that way for a while though. and people are always askin, “damn, WHAT do you look for in a guy?” all i gota say is… if you’re not doing something for yourself, you’re not doing enough for me.



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2 responses to “the kind of love i’d love

  1. christina

    this is a really really good post sahra! i feel like it’s speaking to me at this weird transition moment i’m in.

    i’m glad you’re blogging so i know what you’re up to 🙂 thanks for all the inspiring words+amazing art!!

  2. nas

    hey girl! love this entry… 🙂 very insightful!! someone once told me that the person you’re with has to make you a better person… push you and make a mold in this world together… leave your mark. Like what you said about holding your own! 😉 good stuff!

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