masaru emoto: hidden messages in the water

become a BELIEVER!  dr. masaru emoto is a researcher who has experimented with words, water and crystallization to affirm one thing: THE POWER OF WORDS TO TRANSFORM OUR MINDS, BODY AND WORLD.

in a nutshell, emoto wrapped good and bad words around capsulated water, spoke positive and negative words to water, played good and crappy music to the water, made prayers/offerings, etc…then crystalized them to discover one pattern: the water crystallized beautifully around positive messages and came out deformed around the negative messages!!! no FN lie!!!!!

here are some examples:

Click his photo to peep his website

NOW LET’S NOT FORGET: Our bodies are 98% WATER! say WHA!

no wonder we retreat to a healing song when we’re love sick.  save fortune cookie slips.  indulge in the quotables.  feel reinvigorated during/after a concert.  remind ourselves in the mirror. live by confucious says.  for better or for worse, words have the power to transform ourselves.

as for me, i’ve always been a firm believer in the power of positive energy.  words are not to be underestimated.  every thought, every word spoken, everything written, every proclamation emitted from ourselves is like planting a seed in the universe.  if we can transform ourselves through positive energy, we transform our world.


i’ve been grinding heavy on my first chapbook (to be released THIS DECEMBER) and shit is a blast!  i’m trying to write a new piece everyday for the next two weeks.  then design for the last two weeks.  i wrote a new poem i’m pretty happy about last night–but ima hold off on sharing it on the bloggy blog. the chapbook will be a mix of old, new, seen and never before seen pieces. uh yes yes yall!!!!!!!


-first chapbook release
-first t-shirt
-new stickers printed
-website update

P.S. to whoever borrowed my emoto book and never returned it…give it back!!



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2 responses to “masaru emoto: hidden messages in the water

  1. teefany

    yeah to the tshirt!!!!!

  2. Dr. Emoto is AMAZING! It’s true, our thoughts substantiate our reality.

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