hard to stomach: richmond gang rape

i need some time to process this before i can share my thoughts.  it’s a sick, terrible feeling in my gut.  can’t think. can’t speak. my heart goes out to the 15 year old victim of gang rape and assault.

Please read: SF Chronicles Richmond Gang Rape

6:56 pm

she was only fifteen years old.  beat and raped over and over again by nearly a dozen guys. nearly 2 and a half hours. 20 others looking on. nothing stopping it until she was tossed under a picnic table.

my younger sister is fourteen years old.

i don’t want to get into street culture. gang violence. macho bravado gone bad. urban desensitization. objectification of women. sexually explicit savagery. all the fucked up things society never wants to talk about until something even more fucked up happens.  people want to talk about the cause of this tragedy, but the conversation never lasts long enough to talk about the cause of the cause.  why are so many of our nation’s youth resorting to gang violence. why do men sexually assault women?  why do women degrade themselves? why are fifteen year old kids forced to grow up in such a dangerously violent environment?  when did home become a battlefield? when did we stop investing in our schools? when did we stop nurturing our communities? when did it get this bad? how could we let it get this bad?

we didn’t go from safe to gang rape overnight.  so when did it start? when a 15 year old girl is reduced to a disposable sex object and men can beat and fuck a child over and over again heartlessly.  they say it started with a school dance. then there was the enticement. then maybe that led to the brandy. which maybe led to the assault. which then led to the next two hours. which involved consecutive gang raping and beatings. which then left the little girl blue in the face, semi-conscious under the picnic table.

but WHEN did it start? i wonder how often we let shit slip and slide before it spirals out beyond out control. how many times do we allow men to call a woman a bitch? how many times do we laugh off some sexist joke? how many times we think its a display of manhood for men to degrade woman. to treat a woman like trash. to talk to her like trash. to dispose of her like trash. under the picnic table.

a series of tragic events escalating to the death of a child.  that fifteen year old girl is still alive but she is not fifteen years old anymore.  2 and a half hours of constant rape, beating and some unknown events is equivalent to an indefinite time.  as she begins her healing, she will work to restore herself through an indefinite process. maybe the rest of her life. maybe more.

so when did it start?


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