byebye october recap

super sexy super model, heidi klum, knows how to get down for halloween!! peep her steez:

heidi klum

heidi klum
CLICK HERE for more of heidi’s costumes.

heidi knows wasup.  too many girls be slut-ifying their costumes for the occasion.  where’s the fun in that? too predictable. as for heidi,  i guess if your job is to be sexy 364 days a year, you  go all out on halloween.  maybe that’s why everyone else gets extra sleazy on october 31.  because they think it’s sexy and the other 364 days of the year they’re just…womp. haha.

as for me. i’m working an event at the studio til midnight. needed a good excuse to avoid going to parties.  it’s a halloween wedding. so it’s a HALLOWEEDDING!! haaaa! didn’t find the spirit of halloween this year. something about the idea of nobody being who they really are just weirds me out.  if i was a psychopath killer or trying to go on a robbing rampage, halloween would be my favorite holiday. its the perfect front to disguise myself and not be questioned.  cot dammit i would get away with so much.

i’m still getting used to this blogging business. still workin on developing it.  still figuring out its purpose.  can’t help but feel hella narcissistic writing about myself to a wide open world.  while wondering, “do people even want to read this shit?”  readership or not, for now the blog serves as a form of accountability for myself and my goals.  i used to never want to talk about the things i wanted to do (sometimes i still don’t) because i was worried i’d fail. then everyone would know that i failed.  but im starting to be more comfortable and open about these things because the first step in reaching a goal is putting it out there in the world.

1) have y’all noticed the small changes i’ve been making to the blog? tryna tidy this baby up! the side bar is looking hella clean. i changed the header, finally. linked the header and header text straight to my full website.  im learning more about this CSS coding shizzzz

2) finished designing my first sticker for my website!! printing in progress. free stickers for everyone!!

it’s 3×3 inches, printed on clear vinyl. so wherever it’s white will actually be clear.  yadidameean?

3) my first chapbook is coming in december!! it’s been in the works, but this next month will be hella focused on developing the chapbook. writing and designing. yes, i do love the grind.  nothing too fancy tho. it will be available on my website for pay-what-you-want (plus shipping). i’m not trying to make anything off of it…but ain’t tryna LOSE the loot either yadeeeeeg!!

4) recently came up with an ill t-shirt idea. gota keep this one under wraps til printing cuz folks be snooooooopin

5) trying to learn flash so i can update my official website on my own.

6) collabo with homie from LA. more coming.

7) still scheming.

thanks for reading.


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