halloweeny throwback

found this old flick and almost died laughing.  don’t know what my parents were thinking when they dressed us but they were probably as clueless as we were.  gota love that REFUGEE STATE of MIND–take what you got and RUN WID IT!! haaaaaa!

peep our swag:

sahra nguyen


big sis (to the left) is rocking a canary yellow party table cloth with mini bats (maybe it’s a witch dress, but looks all the same from here). topped with a sheet of some sort (cape, perhaps?) with purple blue hearts and stars.  now throw on the roadrunner mask…bada bing!

to the right, the baby me is rocking a sweet pair of red PJ’s, awesome checkered tie and funny people’s glasses. my mom was a fan of charlie chaplin…resemblance?

oh, and y’all peep that BRADLEE’s bag?!?!?! whatchu kno bout bradlee’s!! that was the home of lacoste before shit blew up and become coOooOOoLL!! hahaha


we so grown now, mean muggin’.  still killin’. no scary masks necessary.
nujin sisters


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