UNCUT freewrite: this again

this is what happens when you don’t write poems for hella days. hella shades become hella blank. thoughts dangle sideways. nothing pops off the page. so most of the time i gota hit rewind. when better words run dry i revert to whiny rhymes about why i can’t write poems for hella days. haha. writer’s block becomes an excuse for i’m just lazy. but that’s not really the case ’cause i’m never just straight chillin on the couch being plain lazy. always looking for something better got my hands full with paints and paint brushes, always that same dilemma about the colors or the letters.  i want to fill my world with words pour my heart out to whoever’s listening, want to get better at my craft there’s always a beginning to every great happy ending, but i never want my shit to end just want it to keep continuing, like the masterpiece continuum never a finished product left untouchable but always a blueprint to build up better ones. gota keep pushing the innovation in me and everyone around me.  it’s amazing how fast i can forget my purpose. sometimes even when madd affirmations will remind me (i’m thankful) but still i can sink so swiftly like quicksand in the unthinking thoughts nobody really verbalizes but myself because even ego is a race to beat the other person in beating it down, for the sake of saying i’m still a winner because i beat you in beating my own ego down, haha…if that makes any sense.


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One response to “UNCUT freewrite: this again

  1. RJ

    hey sahra! i’m with u on this. minus the painting part bc lord knows he didnt blessed me w/ that gift..taha! i used to write alot, but been on a hiatus for half a dime now. stay up though!

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