little asian girl flies away in dino suit with friend

boys & girls (and everyone in between), i am MF’in exhausted.  5 hours of non stop painting got my arm feeling like a limp piece of pulp. and that still wasn’t enough time.  near the end, i found myself racing against the sun to clean my shit up and throw on last minute touches before it got too dark to take pictures.  it’s not everything i want it to be, but imperfections can motivate us to go harder next time. could you imagine how boring life would be if everything was all goodygoody perfect?


this piece was inspired by the memory of childhood and the feeling of imagining.  before imaginations were tamed.  before outlandish dreams were filtered through sustainable models.  before we surrendered ourselves into the “professional” world.  more than ever i realize the profound meaning in the disney classic, “peter pan”.  GADDAM, pete is on some real shit. peter pan is my homie for life.  i did a rendition of “where the wild things are” by creating a new character combined with all my likings: lobster claw, bear paw and mermaid body.  i threw a little asian girl into a dino suit.  together they are flying off into a wonderful place.

sahra nguyen
i wana get lost with the lost boys.

sahra nguyen
boston lobster claw.

sahra nguyen
friends forever.

sahra nguyen

the little girl you see here is not me. it is a throwback of my older sister many years ago.

this is her now. the blond bombshell:
jenny jenny in dino
oh they grow so fast.

SWAT rocked a hot piece, as usual.

ill wid it!



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3 responses to “little asian girl flies away in dino suit with friend

  1. Busy

    that character is hillarious….and ur website is pretty dope….

  2. murr

    i LOVE it!! what a good sister you are.

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