PLAYING FOR CHANGE: peace through music

swizzy and i jammed out at the PLAYING FOR CHANGE concert tonight.  the show was amazing.  music truly has the power to transform and uplift.  i feel alive again…yet drained from the energy exchange. weird, yet beautiful.  trust, “PLAYING FOR CHANGE” isn’t as corny as it sounds.  they are a collective of global artists on a mission to connect the world through music.  at first, i was a hater and thinking, “aw damn is this bout to be another hippie music fest…”.  then they started jamming and i started believing.  they even had blind “Grandpa” rocking out on stage. say what? yuppityup.  you don’t gota see it to believe it.  you just gota feeeeel the music.  (har, get it?) now they got me believing in them.  felt like i was living through a contemporary bob marley.  all about positivity and love and shiiiiiiet. i can dig it.

after a long ass day at work, i was pretty damn tired. but then this concert got me all juiced again.   like the refresh button, but better. music, it’s the best way to charge up. fuck redbull.  then me and swizzy partied til the AM at goodlife. YEEEEEAAAA

check it:



check them out:


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