mr. HYPHEN finalist: dandiggity


why he’s fucking awesome:

1. best asian afro i’ve ever seen in my life
2. writes dope poems
3. eclectic taste in muzak
4. dancing machine
5. loves to love
6. knows how to live

he’s a finalist. but always and forever a winner in my book. holla at him.

Hyphen and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) present the fourth annual Mr. Hyphen competition on November 14, 2009, celebrating the men of the Asian American community. Each year, Hyphen and OACC celebrate Asian American men who devote themselves to worthy community causes. While structured like a pageant with rounds of talent, fashion and Q&A, Mr. Hyphen turns stereotypes on their heads in front of a sold-out crowd. Striking a blow for equal-opportunity all-in-good-fun ogling, Mr. Hyphen is an energy-filled evening of fun and charity. Rounds will be decided alternately by an audience vote and by an illustrious panel of judges. The man who is crowned Mr. Hyphen wins a $1000 cash donation to his nonprofit organization.


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One response to “mr. HYPHEN finalist: dandiggity

  1. kr.


    leng, another bay09 participant, is competing, too, on behalf of tiny toones cambodia (

    everyone should support him, too!

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