snapshot: painting in progress

so i didn’t finish the painting i was shooting to get done by this weekend.  the deadline got pushed back to november, which works out way bedda cause i was NOT feeling satisfied with the crunchtime crank i was tryna pull.  i was originally only given a week to finish this painting, and i hella tried, but when it  came down to it, i needed more time…I SAID MORE!!! i’d rather not have my painting on tv at all than send off a half-satisfied piece to meet a shoot deadline.  now, the shoot  date got pushed back to mid november…so everybuddy wins!! holla

golden acrylic paint

this is just the palette…not the painting

two snapshots of my painting in progress:

sahra nguyen

finished product coming soon! stay posted. buck yea.


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One response to “snapshot: painting in progress

  1. i seee nba and raptors in the future.
    can’t wait to see the finished product!!
    keep on sis!

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