bloggyblog to become BANGIN’ buttaFLYYYYY!

pulled this one out for the kids…
sahra nguyen
my blog might be a budding caterpilla now, but soon enough it’s gona be a BANGIN’ BUTTAFLYYYYYY!


aite yall, i know my blog ain’t perfect. “the white is too hard to read.” “the black ain’t much better.” “that gaddam BLUE is KILLIN’ MY EYEEEEEEEESZZ!!” normally i’d respond with something like, “YOU GOT AN EYE PROBLEM? if you DON’T LIKE WHATCHU SEE, then DON’T LOOK!” but hey, I’M WORKIN’ ON IT!! i’m new to this bloggin’ bidness so yes, please keep reading. :^)


i switched up the sidebar a little bit.

  1. the NEW NEW=recent posts
  2. Never Gets Old=monthly archives
  3. EY WHATCHU SAY=categories (i’m still working on this, trying to think of ways to organize my posts…or not)
  4. i said, i’ll HOLLA!=email SUBSCRIPTION! oh whaaaaat! daily dose of me delivered straight to your inbox. delicious.

but chea, don’t know nothing about CSS coding.   so thanks for being patient while i hook this mama up! i’m learning…thinkin about how this baby can be better and different, so any more ideas? complaints? holla.


so you KNOW im DEF NOT on that flash magic. hence the daily updates via bloggyblog. but my monthly website update is due soon. my homie mikey master g is back in town so i should be linkin up with him asap. watch out for NEW WEBBYWEB SIZZLE updates VERY VERY SOON.


speaking more of me, this has been a crazy ass MF’in week.  been swamped with work at the studio, and grinding at night on a commissioned painting i gota get out by SATURDAAAAAY.  the pad it’s going to is about to shoot for MTV Cribs early next week.  so HEEEEEEY, y’all know what thas about.


on the promo tip, been sending out my new promopacks for performance bookings.  if you know somebody interested, holla.

i know folks love to skip the text to git to the flicks, so here are some for your viewing pleasure.  it’s a caterpilla little kimmy found in our vegetables. his name is charlie the eighth. we didn’t think he would last long, so we didn’t get a crawling shot. but he looked something like this:

kimberly hooked the lil fella up with a makeshift home
we came home one day and found charlie the eighth all tucked and cozy in a cocoon!
check him out!!! makes me wana cuddle.

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