d. Sabela grimes on the griiind!

i recently caught up with sabela grimes–one of them “real official homie without a real official website” (don’t let the web exposure, or lack thereof, be a testament to his success and talents).  described in the LA Times as “the Los Angeles dance world’s best-kept secret”.  he’s currently out in switzerland doing his thing, so def wanted to send a warm shout.  he’s got the bald steez going on.  can you guess? oh, did i mention it’s the bald steez with the extra shine for the extra fine…(hi sabela…yea you already know!!) =P

there are those people in this world where when you meet, there is an awakening gravitational pull–and sabela is one of them.  sabela has this incredible energy that blows you over then reels you in.  he is crazy talented. his body pumps a passion and thirst for life–most especially on the creative and unwalked path.  i admire him for his ability to embrace a range of talents.  he is a dancer, singer, choreographer, writer and above all–a storyteller.  he is mosdef an OG in the hip hop dance world, and what i love about sabela is seeing his evolution as an artist to shape, transcend and create new genres.

he once said to me, “escape from the land of or”.  ’nuff said.

above: sabela turns up the volume WITH HIS OWN!

watch his body tell a story

busta busta move



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