The Kia Soul Collective is coming to ME!

meet The Soul Collective…featuring one of my all-time favorites, JANELLE MONAE!!!

kia soul collective

KIA got together a gang of cool artists to do a gang of cool things, like put on FREE CONCERTS!!  check out the BEANTOWN LINE-UP:

kia soul concert

buuuck yea! the perks of being the new MISS LIT at this joint. all access baby.  honestly, can’t front…never heard of these bands before. but HEY! anything miss monae related is COOL BY ASSOCIATION! (oh dang, she’s powerful…) plus, its goin down where i work.  we got the GREENEST building in the city. the only PLATINUM certified LEED around town. check out our sexy angles:

i work in da best building in the whole wide world.  click the building to VISIT US!!

peep details about the free concert this weekend. click below to be redirected to the kia soul collective site.

kia soul collective


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