feelin’ like: GCH, to bob ross with love

yo, i’ve been so caught up in the craziness that is life that i haven’t really gotten a solid moment to reflect with y’all on what’s been going on.  i know i opened up a new conversation a few posts back about a crazy MF’in MF’er, but for personal and legal reasons now, i won’t be making any more comments on it.  nevertheless, thank you to every one who opened up their hearts and reached out.

all bullshit aside, i been busy busy busy on the grind y’all.  life is really good and i feel very blessed.  by day, i’m the new MISS LIT helping kids get their write on.  by night (and everywhere in between), i been working on a gang of new projects and promo.  so please excuse me if i don’t got a lot to show yet but SHIZ. IZ. COMING!!!

+ i’m working on a new commissioned painting.  i can’t say for who yet but shizniz is gona be hot!! we’re tryna get it done, shipped and hung in time for MTV Cribs to shoot the homie’s pad!! holla

+ me and swizzy got a paint date to bang out some crazy wall pieces next weekend!  so watch out for flicks!

+ still working on my chapbook to be released this december.  my mentor giles is suppose to edit my poems but i wonder if he forgot…

+ getting my write right on.  i got so many ideas for poems/songs/pieces but time keeps playing me

this old ass track off my itunes popped up today. “to bob ross with love” by GCH off the papercut chronicles.  travis totally captured how i’ve been feeling a lot lately.  this has always been a constant battle of mine, the visual versus the writing/performative.  my time and creative energy is split in so many ways–painting, writing, music, performing and beyond.  i know the areas where i want to grow and explore.  there are so many creative fronts i’m eager to venture into.  and i know we can never run out of time.  but i still want MORE.

this was the only youtube vid i could find with this track. if you wana skip the “live banter intro”, go to 0:43s :

i think i been feeling some placement anxiety (did i just make that up?). well it’s the feeling of never wanting to physically stay in one area for too long. like in my house.  or never wanting anyone to predict where i’ll be and when.  like on my jog route. so i’m always out and about. in motion baby. that’s why i am SO READY to get the FUCK out of HERE.  NYC this weekend baby.  don’t get me wrong.  i love boston to death.  boston has been good to me.  but this getaway couldn’t come sooner.


“kandinsky” at the guggenheim (uh huh, say it with me):

“harlem is…” at the dwyer cultural center:

“emory douglas: the black panter” at the new museum:

oooooooooooohh YEA! it’s party time sunshine.


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