wyclef jean is my new bostonian homie

when wyclef jean and alicia keys accepted their humanitarian awards at this year’s BET Awards, they had every other artist sitting in the audience looking like a bunch of greedy MF’in slack ass jack asses!! they’re out their saving the world while their counterparts are getting iced and singin’ about some dumb boy likes girl shit.  (just kidding! calm down…i like boys (and girls) toooooo!).  on his globetrotting travels to sing songs for the soul and bring empowerment to the people, wyclef is making a pit stop in BOSTON to finish his degree at BERKLEE COLLEGE of MUSIC. holla. ima go audit some music classes now.

wyclef is easily another one of my favorite artists. and if you listen to his music, you’ll easily know why. he’s kind of like a modern day bob marley–a therapeutic voice sharpened with a quick and fiery perspective of the world.  politics, suffering, poverty, corruption–whatever it is that’s going on in our world, he’s not afraid to talk about it.  and he doesn’t just talk about it, he gets down with it.  wyclef is a no bullshit social activist committed to shifting the inequality of haiti’s social landscape.  wyclef exemplies the stature a successful  artist can rise to while maintaining a grip of dignity.

if you’re gona cut the man off, don’t do it before the 2 minute mark. somebody ring the alarm…or wait, was that just it?


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