download: DENIZEN KANE

DENIZEN KANE is one of my favorite artists of all time.  his talent will blow your mind outa the MF’in atlantic. with music as timeless as the galaxy, the earth will crumble before we know where we are.   i remember the first time i met denizen back in 2005, he told me to keep writing.  since then, denizen has continued to be a source of strength and inspiration in my creative process.  from admiring him as an untouchable icon on the stage to exchanging enlightened conversations with him over coffee, denizen exemplifies the kind of artist i hope to grow into: elevated yet still very much in touch.

the release of his new album meets the anticipation of a highly awaited comeback.  except he was never really gone.  just testing our patience to savor the juicy goodness that was marinating in months of creative labor.

this is the album you’ve been waiting for. click on the pic ABOVE or HERE to DOWNLOAD NOW!!!


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