it’s so hard to breathe right now: ketsana

no more tears. honestly, my fingers are stumbling over the keyboard and backspace.  heart heavy i have nothing to write.  i just don’t understand why tragedy keeps hitting the defenseless. when will my people get a break? damn.  i gota remember to breathe.

Caption: A Vietnamese villager fishes with a net outside his flooded home at Dien Nam commune, in the central province of Quang Nam, following heavy rain brought by typhoon Ketsana on September 30, 2009.

[there is nothing funny about it, but i just gota say daaaaang that man is a MFin’ hustler til the day he dies!! still smiling and still grinding through the water.  all in the blood.  ketsana what?]

i know it’s emotionally exhausting to read about and look through devastating photos of Typhoon Ketsana, but the people of Southeast Asia want you to know their story.  please don’t ignore their struggle.  stay informed and send strength and energy their way. got your back: TYPHOON KETSANA PHOTOS


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