16 Reasons Why I Love Dinosaurs

1) they remind me of high school, where the big, bad bullies usually
have walnut-sized brains
2) like men, size is not a measurement of intelligence.
3) they are proof that a vegetarian can KICK CARNIVORE ASS!
4) they come in many shapes and sizes–diversify!
5) they are against global warming
6) they set world records before world records were set
7) they are creatures created in my imagination that actually lived
but then died out only to be recreated in my imagination
8 ) like men, they are cold blooded animals…. (JUST KIDDING GADDAM CALM DOWN!! y’all kno i love my men!!!)
9) they had a 160 million year reign on earth…SUCK THAT Britain,
FRANCE and every country that ever colonized another country.
10) global domination is a failed effort, even in the name of greatest
colossal monsters
11) size ISN’T everything
12) evolution is in the mind and state of consciousness
13) something bigger than US lived before us
14) something bigger than us may live after us
15) unlike the dinosaurs, we are doing a pretty damn good job at trying to blow up the earth on its own
16) if we don’t quit driving our world toward extinction, the universe
will explode in our faces and a new generation of stars will take our

bada bing!!!

YO, in a similar vein, does anybody else remember this show?!?!!?!?  good times, baby.



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4 responses to “16 Reasons Why I Love Dinosaurs

  1. tiffany

    i hella watched that show. i remember now knowing what the fuck was going on but loving it….
    much like college.

  2. tiffany

    *not knowing

  3. D$

    17. They make good accents on white canvas slip-ons

    2) like men, size is not a measurement of intelligence.
    -“It’s not the size it’s how you use it”

    8 ) like men, they are cold blooded animals….
    -It’s my environment/ surroundings which dictate my temperature/ temperament. I just adapt to it. It’s up to those around us men to warm up to us. lol.

    I love dinosaurs 2, thas why my watch is a Fossil.

  4. Billy Browne


    I followed a link here from your sister’s facebook post (I hung out with you guys in SF a few years ago). I love your graf T-rex!

    Speaking of dinosaurs and their stellar prowess, my friend in LA just did this short film about a little girl and her dinosaur: http://www.vfagenda.com/bananarepublic/threetimesme.asp

    I am back in Boston for med school. Look me up on FB, I want to see more work.

    A dinosaur aficionado,

    P.S. Sorry to hear about that shitty stalker.

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