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happy birthday MFerz

3 birthdays. 1 weekend. unlimited trouble.

say hello to some of my favorite people who are turning a year older on fabulous halloween weekend!

sexy beeatch #1: tola.
why i love her:  she steals all my fans…without even trying.

sexy beeatch #2: nancy
why i love her:  she knows how to reel in the fans. (i take notes)

sexy homie #3: rome
why i love him: he takes sexy photos. i’m a fan.


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halloweeny throwback

found this old flick and almost died laughing.  don’t know what my parents were thinking when they dressed us but they were probably as clueless as we were.  gota love that REFUGEE STATE of MIND–take what you got and RUN WID IT!! haaaaaa!

peep our swag:

sahra nguyen


big sis (to the left) is rocking a canary yellow party table cloth with mini bats (maybe it’s a witch dress, but looks all the same from here). topped with a sheet of some sort (cape, perhaps?) with purple blue hearts and stars.  now throw on the roadrunner mask…bada bing!

to the right, the baby me is rocking a sweet pair of red PJ’s, awesome checkered tie and funny people’s glasses. my mom was a fan of charlie chaplin…resemblance?

oh, and y’all peep that BRADLEE’s bag?!?!?! whatchu kno bout bradlee’s!! that was the home of lacoste before shit blew up and become coOooOOoLL!! hahaha


we so grown now, mean muggin’.  still killin’. no scary masks necessary.
nujin sisters

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hollywood holt–another fresh face from chi-town coming up on the radar.  extra fresh and hella fine.  came across one of his old tracks but it reminded me of the spirit of HALLOWEEN so much, just had to put it up!!!  you gota give the kid props on this one.  a MUST DEFinite listen:

CLICK HERE to listen to: Brains!!! by Hollywood Holt

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UNCUT freewrite: this again

this is what happens when you don’t write poems for hella days. hella shades become hella blank. thoughts dangle sideways. nothing pops off the page. so most of the time i gota hit rewind. when better words run dry i revert to whiny rhymes about why i can’t write poems for hella days. haha. writer’s block becomes an excuse for i’m just lazy. but that’s not really the case ’cause i’m never just straight chillin on the couch being plain lazy. always looking for something better got my hands full with paints and paint brushes, always that same dilemma about the colors or the letters.  i want to fill my world with words pour my heart out to whoever’s listening, want to get better at my craft there’s always a beginning to every great happy ending, but i never want my shit to end just want it to keep continuing, like the masterpiece continuum never a finished product left untouchable but always a blueprint to build up better ones. gota keep pushing the innovation in me and everyone around me.  it’s amazing how fast i can forget my purpose. sometimes even when madd affirmations will remind me (i’m thankful) but still i can sink so swiftly like quicksand in the unthinking thoughts nobody really verbalizes but myself because even ego is a race to beat the other person in beating it down, for the sake of saying i’m still a winner because i beat you in beating my own ego down, haha…if that makes any sense.

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little asian girl flies away in dino suit with friend

boys & girls (and everyone in between), i am MF’in exhausted.  5 hours of non stop painting got my arm feeling like a limp piece of pulp. and that still wasn’t enough time.  near the end, i found myself racing against the sun to clean my shit up and throw on last minute touches before it got too dark to take pictures.  it’s not everything i want it to be, but imperfections can motivate us to go harder next time. could you imagine how boring life would be if everything was all goodygoody perfect?


this piece was inspired by the memory of childhood and the feeling of imagining.  before imaginations were tamed.  before outlandish dreams were filtered through sustainable models.  before we surrendered ourselves into the “professional” world.  more than ever i realize the profound meaning in the disney classic, “peter pan”.  GADDAM, pete is on some real shit. peter pan is my homie for life.  i did a rendition of “where the wild things are” by creating a new character combined with all my likings: lobster claw, bear paw and mermaid body.  i threw a little asian girl into a dino suit.  together they are flying off into a wonderful place.

sahra nguyen
i wana get lost with the lost boys.

sahra nguyen
boston lobster claw.

sahra nguyen
friends forever.

sahra nguyen

the little girl you see here is not me. it is a throwback of my older sister many years ago.

this is her now. the blond bombshell:
jenny jenny in dino
oh they grow so fast.

SWAT rocked a hot piece, as usual.

ill wid it!


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my own wild things creature

check out my pencil sketches i did at work tonight (4pm-midnight shift).  please excuse the poor scan quality. lead doesn’t always show up da best. tomorrow i’m gona turn these crappy sketches into a bangin’ wall piece!!! holla
sahra nguyen

sahra nguyen

if it looks like i didn’t spend too much time on it, it’s cause i didn’t. i always skip the sketching step when i’m approaching a painting. always been a bad habit of mine since i was little. =\

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PLAYING FOR CHANGE: peace through music

swizzy and i jammed out at the PLAYING FOR CHANGE concert tonight.  the show was amazing.  music truly has the power to transform and uplift.  i feel alive again…yet drained from the energy exchange. weird, yet beautiful.  trust, “PLAYING FOR CHANGE” isn’t as corny as it sounds.  they are a collective of global artists on a mission to connect the world through music.  at first, i was a hater and thinking, “aw damn is this bout to be another hippie music fest…”.  then they started jamming and i started believing.  they even had blind “Grandpa” rocking out on stage. say what? yuppityup.  you don’t gota see it to believe it.  you just gota feeeeel the music.  (har, get it?) now they got me believing in them.  felt like i was living through a contemporary bob marley.  all about positivity and love and shiiiiiiet. i can dig it.

after a long ass day at work, i was pretty damn tired. but then this concert got me all juiced again.   like the refresh button, but better. music, it’s the best way to charge up. fuck redbull.  then me and swizzy partied til the AM at goodlife. YEEEEEAAAA

check it:



check them out:

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