live painting @ dick blick

this past thursday swat, problak and me were invited to paint live at dick blick art store.  it was a promo event sponsored by montana cans.

my thursday morning started out rough as fuck with me standing before the judge.  its amazing how the system meant to protect you can make you feel helpless.  well, i guess that’s typical. f the popo.  i went down to the courthouse to apply for my 3rd restraining order against the psycho stalker.  even when i first moved back to boston in june, all my close homies were telling me to apply for it right away, but i refused.  honestly, i didn’t want to deal with the bullshit anymore.  i was riding on wishful thinking that the shit would subside. and it did, but only for a little while.  being in the courthouse this thursday reminded me of how fucking inefficient our system is.  i’ve gone through this so many times in los angeles.  i became all too familiar with the LAPD, UCPD and santa monica courthouse.  its enough to drive you damn near crazy.  you appeal to the court for assistance and protection, but they end up making you feel smaller and shittier.  i won’t get into too much detail about it because i know the stalker will be reading.  the worst part is that it costs four hundred fucking dollars for a restraining order. wtf? why are we even paying taxes. my ish aside, most people who need this protection are in unstable, low income working class conditions.  folks like that can’t afford to take off 4 hours from work to apply for one and most likely can’t afford to cough up 4oo dollars on the spot. that’s a whole paycheck for most folks.  i saw one woman come in wanting to apply for one.  she was a middle aged african american woman.  when she found out how much it was, she had a look of pain on her face.  she said, “i can’t afford that” and sadly left.  again, another example of institutionalized racism (or classism, since people hate talking about race these days…but that’s okay because race and class are still correlated).  working class people of color are institutionally denied access to the civic services and protection they naturally deserve.

after all that, i have a court hearing next friday. the stalker must show up to court as well and then i gota make my case before the judge decides whether or not a permanent restraining order will be granted. holla.

it was a fucked up, frustrating morning.  i checked into the studio at 12, busted out an assignment, then left at 12:30 to set up.  painting between two of my favorite people was the perfect release.  im happy i got to paint. for a few hours i just let everything go and found therapy in the cans.

problak problak

swat’s piece. aka the sexy beast painting  “the sexy beast”

t-rah2 me.

t-rah “RAH!”



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3 responses to “live painting @ dick blick

  1. That T-Rex is lovely. Keep on painting and making art.

  2. tiffany

    that dinosaur is SICK WIT IT

  3. souppee doup

    does T rex have scissors for fingers?

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