vote boston: SAM YOON?

tomorrow bostonians will hit the polls to vote for the next mayor of boston. this year marks one of the biggest mayoral race in decades with 3 opponents going up against current mayor menino’s 16 year reign.  one of these men is sam yoon.  sam yoon is the first asian american candidate for boston mayor.  with a first black president in office, and an asian american mayoral candidate, change is definitely in the making.

but HEY! don’t just vote for the guy because he’s ASIAN!!! that’s just iggy!!!  we can’t storm shadow every ethnic face that looks like ours.   take michelle malkin, for example. just because she’s a good lookin asian american face on TV (fox news), does not excuse the fact that she is CRAZY!!!!!!  she’s like an asian ann coulter. maybe a little worse because she don’t even like asian people!!

at least me and sam yoon got something in common. we both play the piano! holla

for more info to make an educated vote, check out:


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