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RECAP: Best Colleges for AAPI Activism

over the summer i had the pleasure of being a part of a new collaborative project between Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, Angry Asian Man and many respected leaders to launch a national search and highlight the best schools for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in respect to its commitment to activism and social change.

the results have been posted over the past few weeks, but for a quick recap of all the schools who got recognized, check them out here:

photo prop to Angry Asian Man


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javon loves basquiat

my girl rae hit me up to do a  commissioned birthday piece for her man, javon johnson (featured on hbo’s def poetry jam). peep his steez:

one of javon’s favorite artists is jean-michel basquiat, so rae asked me to do a basquiat-esque piece.  i did a rendition of basquiat’s painting “the skull” while altering it to include personalized javon-ness (details might be too small to see, but includes things like his name, his birthday, one of his favorite books, etc.). happy birthday to javon:

javon basquiat

on a backtrack note, finally got a hold on some better quality photos from the dick blick event last week:


montana cans

sahra nguyen

sahra loves lemon cake

time out to grub on some BOMB ASS LEMON POUND CAKE  from starbucks!

sahra and problak

swat sahra problak



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hot new joint: the noisettes

new or not, they’re new to me so haters please step down 😉 reminds me of a british janelle monae. big ups to cuzzo jane for putting me on.

love her swag:

that’s right…start hitting up the youtube and imeem.

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live painting @ dick blick

this past thursday swat, problak and me were invited to paint live at dick blick art store.  it was a promo event sponsored by montana cans.

my thursday morning started out rough as fuck with me standing before the judge.  its amazing how the system meant to protect you can make you feel helpless.  well, i guess that’s typical. f the popo.  i went down to the courthouse to apply for my 3rd restraining order against the psycho stalker.  even when i first moved back to boston in june, all my close homies were telling me to apply for it right away, but i refused.  honestly, i didn’t want to deal with the bullshit anymore.  i was riding on wishful thinking that the shit would subside. and it did, but only for a little while.  being in the courthouse this thursday reminded me of how fucking inefficient our system is.  i’ve gone through this so many times in los angeles.  i became all too familiar with the LAPD, UCPD and santa monica courthouse.  its enough to drive you damn near crazy.  you appeal to the court for assistance and protection, but they end up making you feel smaller and shittier.  i won’t get into too much detail about it because i know the stalker will be reading.  the worst part is that it costs four hundred fucking dollars for a restraining order. wtf? why are we even paying taxes. my ish aside, most people who need this protection are in unstable, low income working class conditions.  folks like that can’t afford to take off 4 hours from work to apply for one and most likely can’t afford to cough up 4oo dollars on the spot. that’s a whole paycheck for most folks.  i saw one woman come in wanting to apply for one.  she was a middle aged african american woman.  when she found out how much it was, she had a look of pain on her face.  she said, “i can’t afford that” and sadly left.  again, another example of institutionalized racism (or classism, since people hate talking about race these days…but that’s okay because race and class are still correlated).  working class people of color are institutionally denied access to the civic services and protection they naturally deserve.

after all that, i have a court hearing next friday. the stalker must show up to court as well and then i gota make my case before the judge decides whether or not a permanent restraining order will be granted. holla.

it was a fucked up, frustrating morning.  i checked into the studio at 12, busted out an assignment, then left at 12:30 to set up.  painting between two of my favorite people was the perfect release.  im happy i got to paint. for a few hours i just let everything go and found therapy in the cans.

problak problak

swat’s piece. aka the sexy beast painting  “the sexy beast”

t-rah2 me.

t-rah “RAH!”


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my very honest post

DISCLAIMER: oftentimes my posts can have an angle of wit, humor and/or sarcasm.  but what you are about to read is none of that. no embellishment. meant in its most literal sense. i’ve said from my very first post that if folks take the time to read this thing, i’ll take the risk in being as honest as possible (with safety in mind).

since march 2009, i’ve been dealing with a mentally unstable stalker. he is highly delusional. shows some degree of schizophrenia with extreme paranoia, denial and multi-personalities. he fabricates fantasy worlds/scenarios, takes on different characters and assigns characters to real people (i.e. me and people around me).  he pretends that we are involved in a romantic, sexual relationship and he has conversations with himself via texting me. he calls and leaves voicemails of him playing the piano for me.  and more more MORE crazy bullshit.  trust, its more than you may want to hear about. between march and now, i’ve sent him a total of 3 messages, and each one was a formal request for him to stop contacting me.  i never respond to any of his messages because i absolutely refuse to feed into his delusional fantasies.  what he really wants is a REACTION from me, he’s begging for attention.  and no matter what or how i may say something, he twists the fact to believe it to be in his favor.  after months of constant harassment (hundreds of messages…i have them transcribed), stalking me outside my apartment, 2 failed restraining orders, a police report and more, this shit is still going on.  since i moved back to boston in june, it’s been pretty calm with a pause in contact.  everything was lookin gravy with my new transition back home, thinking things were swept under the rug.  but this past monday, i got another message from him. he posted a comment on my blog…bringing up a gang of old shit from LA.  (you can read his comment under my “23 revolutions: explosion of bossy nova” post. his username is “EYO”) clearly, he is still very delusional.  he’s also been leaving inapproporiate messages on the blog that clearly make references to me.  apparently, something has triggered him and he’s starting to wild out again. part of it may be the new access to me–videos, photos, blog via my recently launched website.

anyways, up until now, the matter has been extremely under wraps because i wasn’t ready to blast my private affairs to the world. i still don’t know if writing this post is the right thing to do.  i know he will be reading this post at some point.  but it’s a very hard thing to front like things are all good and gravy when there is something very serious going on.  i contemplated about going on this blog again. if i wrote about anything else before exposing this matter, i would’ve felt fake because i know the most pressing thing on my mind wouldn’t be __insert any other blog topic of the day here__.

my stalker’s name is ERIC CHIN. he currently lives in brookline, MA. his relentless harassment is an indicator that he is trying to solicit a reaction from me.  i’ve given him many fair chances and formal warnings to leave me alone, but he won’t.  he is desperate for attention. so this is my reaction. and now he can have the attention of being fully exposed on my blog.  he once warned me to not say anything to anyone about his actions or messages.  i do not know what kind of reaction THIS will solicit from HIM…it might just make him go more crazy…but if anything funky comes up…well i said it here first: his name is ERIC CHIN.

relating to this and the world wide web in general, i have lots of thoughts about the cultural evolution of privacy, socialization and the push-and-pull of privacy vs. self-promo in being an artist—but i will save these all for a future post.

thanks for reading this far.  i did not write this post because i’m looking for pity or sympathy.  but rather, because it wasn’t safe for anyone for it to continue under wraps.  this matter is not over.  i’ll keep yall posted.


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vote boston: SAM YOON?

tomorrow bostonians will hit the polls to vote for the next mayor of boston. this year marks one of the biggest mayoral race in decades with 3 opponents going up against current mayor menino’s 16 year reign.  one of these men is sam yoon.  sam yoon is the first asian american candidate for boston mayor.  with a first black president in office, and an asian american mayoral candidate, change is definitely in the making.

but HEY! don’t just vote for the guy because he’s ASIAN!!! that’s just iggy!!!  we can’t storm shadow every ethnic face that looks like ours.   take michelle malkin, for example. just because she’s a good lookin asian american face on TV (fox news), does not excuse the fact that she is CRAZY!!!!!!  she’s like an asian ann coulter. maybe a little worse because she don’t even like asian people!!

at least me and sam yoon got something in common. we both play the piano! holla

for more info to make an educated vote, check out:

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best colleges for AAPI activism & teamed up to come up with a regular series to feature the “best colleges for aapi activism”.  i had the honor of being a part of developing this process. the results are in and up! UCLA made the cut! buuuuck yea!! check it out check it outtttttt. big things poppin’ baby. that’s my schoolio foolio.


once you’re on the site. hit the HOME link and click on the EDUCATION tab to peep the other schools that made it.

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